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Every TechnoKids digital literacy and coding project in one collection. STEM resources for Grades 1-12.

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Package Includes:
Teacher Guides, Student Workbooks, Customizable Resources, Review Questions, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Assessment Tools
Tech Integration:
Tech Skill:
Artificial Intelligence, Animation, Data Management, Database, Publishing, Digital Citizenship, Graphics, Internet, Photo Editing, Presentation, Programming, Spreadsheet, Video Production, Web Design, Word Processing
Google, Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office Online, Windows
Blender, Access, Excel, Paint, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, Docs, Drawings, Forms, Sheets, Sites, Slides, My Maps, Text Editor, Scratch, Scratch Jr, IDLE Python 3, Animate, Photoshop, Bot Libre

STEM curriculum includes multiple versions for Google, Microsoft 365, Office 2019 |2016 | 2013, and Office for the web.

TechnoKids Complete Collection Projects:

Primary | TechnoBookmaking, TechnoFit, TechnoGallery, TechnoMe, TechnoPainter, TechnoStart, TechnoStories, TechnoTales, TechnoWhiz.

Junior | TechnoArcade, TechnoCandy, TechnoEditor, TechnoInternet, TechnoJournal, TechnoPresenter, TechnoRace, TechnoResearch, TechnoSales, TechnoSite, TechnoTimeline, TechnoToon, TechnoTrivia, TechnoTurtle.

Intermediate | TechnoBiography, TechnoBot AI, TechnoBudget, TechnoCode, TechnoDebate, TechnoEarth, TechnoEnvironment, TechnoHTML5, TechnoMap, TechnoNewsletter, TechnoPython, TechnoQuestionnaire, TechnoRestaurateur, TechnoTravel.

Senior | TechnoAd, TechnoAdvertise, TechnoAnimate, TechnoChatbot AI (coming soon), TechnoInvestor, TechnoMission, TechnoPhotoshop, TechnoPlanner, TechnoSpecialist, TechnoWonderland.

  • Complete Digital Literacy Curriculum for Grades 1 - 12
    STEM lessons include more than 40 curriculum units. Integrate technology using a project based instructional approach. View a complete listing.

  • User-Friendly Resources
    All projects include teacher guides for curriculum planning, PDF student workbooks to promote independent learning, and all necessary materials including customizable assessment tools, sample files, program flashcards, parent letter, and certificate.

  • ICT and STEM Curriculum
    Prepare students for 21st century jobs. Engage the interest of computer savvy students with innovative lessons based on meaningful, real-world challenges. Animate a story, promote a theme park, launch a business venture, construct a web page, code a game, plan a trip, draft a spending plan, debate an issue, and lots more!

Powered by DQ - global standards for digital intelligence

The TechnoKids Complete Collection aligns with multiple digital intelligence competencies within the DQ Global Standards (IEEE 3527.1TM).

Digital Literacy and Coding Curriculum Includes Every TechnoKids Project for Grades 1 - 12

Primary Projects | Grades 1-3

TechnoBookmaking: Make, print, and share books. Create folding, flap, and accordion books.
TechnoFit: Take the Be Fit Challenge. Inform others about health and nutrition.
TechnoGallery: Draw art in Google Drawings and hang pieces in a digital Google Slides gallery.
TechnoMe: Make an All About Me slide show using a Google Slides or PowerPoint template.
TechnoPainter: Craft original pieces of art using digital art tools.
TechnoStart: Earn a Computer Operator License. Computer fundamentals for beginners.
TechnoStories: Write, edit, and illustrate stories using templates in Google Docs or Word.
TechnoTales: Code a fairy tale. Build scripts to animate the action.
TechnoWhiz: Become a programming whiz kid. Build simple scripts and loops.

Junior Projects | Grades 3-6

TechnoArcade: Design arcade games with Scratch coding blocks.
TechnoCandy: Boost sales with spreadsheets.
TechnoEditor: Master word processing by editing a publication.
TechnoInternet: Foster online skills and digital citizenship.
TechnoJournal: Journal to express ideas.
TechnoPresenter: Present information using a slide show.
TechnoRace: Develop an original game using Scratch.
TechnoResearch: Research to create a Fun Fact Card.
TechnoSales: Investigate dessert preferences to plan a fundraiser.
TechnoSite: Construct a website with fun places for kids to visit on the World Wide Web.
TechnoTimeline: Explain the importance of events.
TechnoToon: Animate a graphic story.

TechnoTurtle: Use Python 3 to solve mazes, produce artwork, and invent games.
TechnoTrivia: Build a trivia quiz in Google or Microsoft Forms.

Intermediate Projects | Grades 6-9

TechnoBiography: Highlight a remarkable person's life.
TechnoBot AI: Design AI prototypes that solve real-world problems.
TechnoBudget: Draft a spending plan. Justify decisions.
TechnoCode: Build scripts to code games, puzzles, and stories.
TechnoDebate: Debate the pros and cons of an issue.
TechnoEarth: Design an infographic to raise awareness about an environmental issue.
TechnoEnvironment: Become an Earth Keeper. Investigate an issue and inform others.
TechnoHTML: Construct a web page with HTML and CSS.
TechnoMap: Design an interactive map about a location.
TechnoNewsletter: Create a fan club newsletter.
TechnoPython: Program a series of games using the Python programming language.
TechnoQuestionnaire: Research an issue and interpret survey results using Google Forms.
TechnoRestaurateur: Launch a business venture.
TechnoTravel: Promote a weekend getaway.

Senior Projects | Grades 8-12

TechnoAd: Become digital marketers. Design a video ad campaign.
TechnoAdvertise: Design advanced marketing materials.
TechnoAnimate: Animate with Animate.
TechnoChatbot AI: Develop chatbots that answer questions and automate simple tasks.
TechnoInvestor: Trade stocks in a stock market simulation.
TechnoMission: Construct a database to organize data.
TechnoPhotoshop: Photo edit with Photoshop.

TechnoPlanner: Build a database for a party business.
TechnoSpecialist: Produce an IT hardware info package.
TechnoWonderland: Promote a theme park.
Computer Curriculum - Lessons Integrate ICT and Support STEM

Over 40 technology projects for Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and programming. Engage students with project based learning activities to master digital literacy and coding skills.

  • Integrate technology into learning
  • Design publications that express ideas
  • Organize, analyze, and communicate information
  • Collaborate with peers
  • Share a publication in print or electronically
  • Promote responsible digital citizenship
  • Foster media and financial literacy
  • Inspire creativity and innovative thinking
  • Apply problem solving strategies
  • Build scripts and loops

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I have been using Techno Kids projects in my technology lessons with K-10 students since 2011 and I absolutely love them. Techno kids provides an excellent curriculum with engaging lessons, which spans all grades, and the projects are continually upgraded to reflect changing technologies and software versions. The student workbooks and teacher guides provided include logically sequenced, easy to follow instructions and all files required in any projects are included. I cannot recommend the Techno Kids Curriculum and projects highly enough.

Felicity M, Coolah, NSW, Australia, Coolah Central School
January 13, 2023

I love using your curriculum with my lab students.

Valerie B., Indianapolis, IN, USA, Our Lady of Lourdes
July 25, 2022

The curriculum has been great for our students as well as our teachers. The lessons are very well designed and the teacher guide helps to get the teacher prepared. I highly recommend using this curriculum for all grades.

Ronn, Wilson, NC, USA, Community Christian School
December 04, 2017

I'm an educator in a small private school in Bowie, MD and your curriculum has been a lifesaver to me! As I teach students in grades K-8, I'd always had trouble finding affordable, current curriculum, but TechnoKids has filled that void!

S. Matthews, Bowie, MD, USA, Grace Christian School
June 12, 2017

Something for everyone! Even me, the teacher! We love the projects and all the amazing little commands that we never knew were there!

D. Maddock, Lynnwood, WA, USA, St. Thomas More
December 08, 2016

I teach workshops in the summer. This curriculum is great for teaching the concepts while making the lessons fun. Students really enjoy learning new technology and are excited about it. The workbooks are very helpful for keeping the students on task and giving them something to take home for future use. I would recommend TechnoKids to anyone.

Dr. S. Johnson, Wesson, MS, USA, Copiah-Lincoln Community College
October 27, 2016

This is an amazing product. Our students find it easy to use, and teachers love it. Whether teachers are experts or not, they find it easy to use.

S. Brooks, North Branch, MN, USA, Veritas Academy
October 02, 2016

Wonderful, complete and just what our students need with Chromebooks.

I. Kadri, Mississauga, ON, Canada, Olive Grove School
April 03, 2016

We are having a great time with your curriculum.

S. Walters, Fort Walton Beach, FL, USA, Calvary Christian Academy
January 13, 2016

TechnoKids has been a lifesaver in our business tech courses. We love the way you are able to adapt and cater the projects to each of the different classes. It is especially helpful in the ethical issues units as it easily allows us to incorporate technology in the lessons and assignments. Thanks!

P. Paul, Markham, ON, Canada, St. Brother Andre CHS
November 18, 2015

I got my TechnoKids curriculum today and it's more than I bargained!!! Thank you so much. I will be sure to refer others to your website for resources as well.

M. Golding, Snellville, GA, USA, Shiloh Middle School
August 28, 2015

I have been using TechnoKids Curriculum for the past five years teaching 1st -8th grade through the various projects you offer. I love it!

K. Lindell, Corpus Christi, TX, USA, Yorktown Christian Academy
July 20, 2015

I started teaching TechnoKids projects from February this year. It went off fantastic! The kids enjoyed it and I loved teaching them using TechnoKids projects.

T. Arun, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Elizabeth Moir Junior School
July 06, 2015

I purchased your TechoKids Curriculum for our middle school students here at Chinook. We absolutely love it.

S. Simmons, SeaTac, WA, USA, Chinook Middle School
May 22, 2015

It is AWESOME! Finally, I have a curriculum!

K. Hinman, Tawas City, MI, US, Tawas Area High School
April 21, 2015

I love the TechnoKids projects. Thank you for making my job easier!

S. Dwyer, Sequim, WA, USA, Sequim Middle School
February 09, 2015

I am impressed with the variety of topics and projects, the completeness of the skills covered and the quality and thoroughness of your prep materials. Students enjoy the activities which encourage independence and exploration. Your support is outstanding. It is not often that a vendor contacts a customer to follow up on how a product is working for them.

M. Leask, Bozrah, CT, USA, Fields Memorial School
February 09, 2015

I can't tell you how much I enjoy your curriculum sets that I have ordered.

R. Goncalves, Oliver, BC, Canada, Southern Okanagan Secondary
January 19, 2015

I love your program.

D. Owens , Black Hawk, CO, USA, Gilpin County School Dist. RE-1
April 24, 2014

I think your resources are fantastic. They are a great way to enhance computing lessons by enthusing and engaging the children. It is just what I have been looking for to add a sparkle to lessons and clubs.

M. Barrow , Sevenoaks, Kent, United Kingdom, The Granville School
November 09, 2012

I love TechnoKids! It had everything I needed to teach each unit and was so user friendly. Students not only loved every project, but they really learned how to use Microsoft programs. When I relocated and was asked to teach computers again at a new school, I knew I had to get TechnoKids. I can’t wait to see these kids' growth using this outstanding curriculum!

S. Bridges , Lexington, KY, USA, Russell Cave Elementary
August 24, 2012

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