Digital Literacy & Coding Curriculum Collections

Project-Based Lessons | Google, MS Office, Scratch, Python, & More

TechnoKids Collections include technology projects for specific grades. This offers teachers the freedom of matching projects to student interest or curriculum topics. It is also ideal when teaching multiple classes. Moreover, our Collections make it easy to integrate resources into an existing curriculum unit, combine technology projects to form a course, or teach a set of lessons as part of a workshop.

TechnoKids lessons are designed for classroom teachers, digital literacy instructors, media specialists, CTE educators, and coding tutors. Have students become authors, artists, researchers, web designers, marketing executives, travel agents, programmers, investors, and more! Activities blend word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, animation, programming, and graphic design into curriculum.

Photo of TKCOMPLETEPKG - Complete Collection

Complete Collection
Best Value

$699.00 per site

Every TechnoKids digital literacy and coding project in one collection. STEM resources for Grades 1-12.

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Photo of INT-COLL - Intermediate Collection

Intermediate Collection

$329.00 per site

A collection of 14 projects develop proficiency in digital literacy and coding. Engage learners with STEM lessons.

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Photo of JNR-COLL - Junior Collection

Junior Collection

$329.00 per site

A collection of 14 projects teach essential technology skills. Integrate digital literacy and coding lessons into learning.

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Photo of PRI-COLL - Primary Collection

Primary Collection

$199.00 per site

A collection of 9 projects teach the fundamentals. Introduce basic digital literacy and coding skills with fun activities.

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Photo of SNR-COLL - Senior Collection

Senior Collection

$199.00 per site

A collection of projects emphasize real-world applications. Prepare students for future learning and careers.

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