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A collection of 9 projects teach the fundamentals. Introduce basic digital literacy and coding skills with fun activities.

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Collection Includes:
Teacher Guides, Student Workbooks, Customizable Resources, Review Questions, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Assessment Tools
Tech Integration:
Tech Skill:
Publishing, Digital Citizenship, Graphics, Presentation, Programming, Word Processing
Google, Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office Online
Paint, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, Docs, Drawings, Slides, Scratch Jr

Digital Literacy Curriculum for Grades 1-3 ~ The Primary Collection of fun stem activities for elementary students includes TechnoBookmaking, TechnoFit, TechnoGallery, TechnoMe, TechnoPainter, TechnoStart, TechnoStories, TechnoTales, and TechnoWhiz. Children ages 6-8 learn fundamental skills and gain the fine motor skills required to operate a device. Create original artwork, publish books, design a slideshow, code a silly scene, and more!

  • A Collection of Ready-Made Digital Literacy Lessons for Elementary Students
    The Primary Curriculum Collection includes 9 technology projects perfect for teaching computing skills to young learners. Use the lesson plans to develop core digital literacy fundamentals with fun, age appropriate activities.

  • Stress-Free Resources
    Each technology project includes an easy to follow teacher guide for lesson planning, reproducible worksheets to support learning, and customizable resources.

  • Jumpstart Learning with Fun STEM Activities for Elementary Students
    The lesson plans include everything you need to integrate technology into curriculum. Celebrate learning by publishing stories, creating digital art, producing slideshows, coding games, and more! If you need help, TechnoKids provides free curriculum support by phone or email.

  • Pick the Version That is Right for You
    Instructional materials for Google Docs, Microsoft 365, Office 2019 | 2016, Office for the web, and ScratchJr are included.

Powered by DQ - global standards for digital intelligence

TechnoKids has been awarded the Powered by DQ seal. You can be confident that our projects deliver high-quality learning experiences. Our program meets global standards for digital literacy, skills, and readiness.

TechnoKids Primary Collection aligns with multiple digital intelligence competencies within the DQ Global Standards (IEEE 3527.1TM).

Student-Centered Digital Literacy Activities for Primary School, Elementary School, or Childcare Center
Each project contains all the resources that educators need to teach computer skills for elementary students.

TechnoBookmaking: Make, print, and share books. Create folding, flap, and accordion books.

TechnoFit: Take the Be Fit Challenge. Inform others about health and nutrition.

TechnoGallery: Draw art in Google Drawings and hang pieces in a digital Google Slides gallery.

TechnoMe: Make an All About Me slide show using a Google Slides or PowerPoint template.

TechnoPainter: Craft original pieces of art using digital art tools.

TechnoStart: Earn a Computer Operator License. Computer fundamentals for beginners.

TechnoStories: Write, edit, and illustrate stories using templates in Google Docs or Word.

TechnoTales: Code a fairy tale. Build scripts to animate the story events.

TechnoWhiz: Become a programming whiz kid. Build simple scripts and loops.

Project Based Digital Literacy Activities for Elementary Students in Grades 1-3

Classroom teachers, computer teachers, and homeschool parents use the Primary Curriculum Collection to seamlessly blend STEM lessons into curriculum. Activities fit into any schedule. Integrate lessons into curriculum or teach as a stand alone unit to develop computer skills for elementary students.

  • Operate a computing device competently and safely
  • Express a positive attitude towards technology
  • Demonstrate proper keyboarding techniques
  • Apply mouse or touch actions to complete a task
  • Recognize the influence of technology on daily life
  • Design publications using digital media
  • Communicate information in a slideshow
  • Produce illustrations or graphics using various drawing tools
  • Create and edit written work using a word processor
  • Build simple scripts and loops

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