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Play a stock market game. Form collaborative teams to trade stocks in fictitious companies. Write a report.

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Project Includes:
Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, Customizable Resources, Assessment Tools, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Certificates
Tech Integration:
Business Studies, Language Arts, Math
Tech Skill:
Spreadsheet, Word Processing
Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016
Excel, Word

Includes multiple versions for Microsoft Office
Spark student interest in spreadsheet skills with a stock market game. Students form investment teams and collaborate to make trading decisions about stocks of fictitious companies listed on the TechnoStock Exchange. Investments are tracked using Microsoft Excel and an investor's report is written in Word. Resources include currency, stock certificates, company profiles, and a fun business newsletter that provides company updates for each trading session.

  • Innovative Stock Market Game
    Teach advanced spreadsheet skills as students play the role of stockbrokers. They form investment teams to buy and sell fictitious stocks. Excel is used to track the portfolio, make decisions, add conditional formatting, graph earnings, and prepare an investor report.

  • Foster Financial Literacy
    Relate mathematics to a real-world simulation. Stock market lesson plans spark student interest with authentic and engaging tasks.

  • Boost Collaboration
    In their investment groups, students participate in a series of four trading sessions. They begin by reading company profiles and a newsletter which gives up-to-date information on the market events impacting the companies on the exchange. Students make group decisions on which stocks to buy and sell. Then they individually record the trades in Excel.

  • Build Spreadsheet Savvy
    As they organize their portfolio, students learn to graph and analyze data, make calculations using formulas, apply styles, format content, set page breaks and print area, and add a trendline to forecast.

  • Complete Resource Collection for Investing Game for Students
    Everything teachers need for a stock market simulation: currency, stock certificates, fictional company profiles, and a serial set of newsletters to assist in trading decisions. Teacher Guide in PDF format lists preparation instructions, strategies, lesson plans, and learning objectives for each session. Customizable assessment documents, samples, and checklists are time-saving tools for busy teachers.

Stock Market Game

Will stocks rise or fall? Data breaches, product recalls, new services, management changes, and industry awards influence stock prices. Where should you invest your TechnoDollars?

  • TechnoAir Airlines: manages fifth largest airline in the nation
  • TechnoMotor Company: manufactures a wide-range of vehicles
  • Pizza King: operates fast food chain with more than 2500 restaurants
  • Green Power: develops renewable energy products
  • Kids Bank: provides banking, insurance, and wealth services
  • Ruby Games: designs online action-adventure games
  • Pets R Family: sells pet supplies, healthcare plans, and vet services
Assignment 1 Introduction to Spreadsheets

Explore the Excel window to learn basics skills.

Assignment 2 Introduction to Stock Market Terminology

Read about the stock market.

Assignment 3 Playing the Stock Market

Form teams. Study company profiles to pick investments.

Assignment 4 Investment Record Trade 1

Track the investment portfolio using a planning sheet.

Assignment 5 Organize Investment Information

Format a worksheet. Record data.

Assignment 6 Stock Index

Read to learn about the rise or fall of stock values.

Assignment 7 Money and Markets Issue 1

Examine current events to buy and sell stocks.

Assignment 8 Format Cell Appearance and Enter Transactions

Customize cells. Record data.

Assignment 9 Calculate Financial Information Using Formulas

Determine portfolio value.

Assignment 10 Money and Markets Issue 2

Examine current events to buy and sell stocks.

Assignment 11 Add Conditional Formatting

Set a rule to highlight portfolio gains.

Assignment 12 Record Trade 3 in Spreadsheet

Apply skills to record trading data.

Assignment 13 Money and Markets Issue 3

Examine current events to buy and sell stocks.

Assignment 14 Record Trade 4 in Spreadsheet

Apply skills to record trading data.

Assignment 15 Graph the Rise and Fall of Stock

Produce a line chart with a trendline.

Assignment 16 Money and Markets Issue 4

Examine current events to buy and sell stocks.

Assignment 17 Record Trade 5 in Spreadsheet

Apply skills to record trading data.

Assignment 18 Graph Earning History

Illustrate history of earnings using a bar graph.

Assignment 19 Print Setup

Format the worksheet to display portfolio information.

Assignment 20 Write the Investor Report

Summarize status of investment portfolio.

Assignment 21 Add a Graph to the Investor Report

Prepare the document for the client.

Optional Stock Market Game Activities
  • Stock Market on the Internet: Track actual companies.
  • Data Bars and Icon Sets: Advanced formatting tricks.
  • Bearish or Bullish? Learn about stock market terms.
Integrate Technology into a Mathematics Investment Unit using Excel

Integrate computers into a mathematics problem solving, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, or business studies unit. Students participate in a stock market game, buying and selling stocks. Stock market lesson plans boost student interest with a real world simulation.

  • Relate mathematics to real-world situations
  • Apply problem-solving strategies
  • Develop financial literacy
  • Collaborate in a team to make investment decisions
  • Organize investment data in a worksheet
  • Graph data and analyze the information
  • Add a trend line that forecasts future stock value
  • Format content in a spreadsheet
  • Calculate investment portfolio value using formulas
  • Summarize stock market investments in a report

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This is one of my students' favorite units. They love trading stocks and seeing their value increase or decrease. I love that students are learning about spreadsheets and interpreting information while having fun.

K. Novak, Freedom, PA, USA, Ambridge Area Junior High
October 20, 2017

TechnoInvestor is very helpful as it directly connects to the real trading sector in the world. I am a student and many of us - if not all - feel intrigued in grade 7 to learn and invest in the stock market.

D. Cui, Markham, ON, Canada, Unionville Montessori Private School
November 05, 2015

The TechnoKids curriculum is fun for my students and a time saver for me. TechnoInvestor is one of their favorites and the recent update will make it even more exciting. Thanks for keeping up-to-date.

M. Ward, Smithfield, NC, USA, Neuse Charter School
April 14, 2015

TechnoInvestor is going great. One of my Investor students placed first at District FBLA Leadership Conference in Spreadsheet Applications.

J. Mercer, Atlanta, GA, USA, Atlanta High School
March 03, 2015

Projects are easy to follow, self-paced, and incorporate various techniques of the MS Office Suite. The projects allow students to enhance their language arts skills and math techniques. Middle school students can learn about the ups and downs of the stock market by using MS Excel and TechnoInvestor. I have evaluated many different types of software and am very impressed with the TechnoKids Curriculum.

J. Stoskus , Ashburn, VA, USA, St. Theresa School
August 25, 2010

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