ADVANCED WORD PROCESSING FOR HIGH SCHOOL: Engage student interest as they play the role of an advertising agent. Design an advertising flyer, a product catalog, and a newsletter.

BUILD STEM AND CTE COMPETENCE: Make learning meaningful using authentic, real-world tasks. Following guided, step-by-step instructions, students write a resume and cover letter. Develop vital technology proficiencies for future careers.

CHALLENGING SKILLS: Learn everything there is to know about Microsoft Word – create tables, set styles, format graphics and smartart, organize a document into sections, make a table of contents, generate an index, mail merge, and more.

COMPLETE RESOURCE KIT INCLUDED: For the teacher – PDF Teacher Guide, marking sheet, and skill summary. For the student – PDF Student Workbook, sample cover letters, resumes, flyers, catalogs, newsletters, templates, and checklists.

FREE SUPPORT: Questions or comments about our curriculum? Email or phone and speak to a real person!

Technology Integration: Business Studies, Language Arts

Technology Skill: Publishing, Graphics, Word Processing

Version: Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013

Program: Word

Assignment 1 Discover Qualifications

View job posting. Plan content of cover letter and résumé.

Assignment 2 Introduction to Microsoft Word

Explore the program window and ribbon.

Assignment 3 Write a Cover Letter

Highlight your talents and accomplishments.

Assignment 4 Write a Résumé

Summarize education, work experience, and relevant skills.

Assignment 5 Apply for the Job

Submit the cover letter and résumé by mail or digitally.

Assignment 6 About the Insert Tab

Explore commands to insert pages, graphics, links, and more.

Assignment 7 Create a Flyer Phase 1

Begin to design a publication using text, images, and shapes.

Assignment 8 Create a Flyer Phase 2

Enhance the ad using SmartArt, headers, and symbols.

Assignment 9 About Design and Page Layout

Discover commands to format pages in a document.

Assignment 10 Catalog Organizer

View catalogs. Determine products to include in publication.

Assignment 11 Create the Parts of the Catalog

Divide a document into sections and add content.

Assignment 12 Design an Order Form

Build a form using tables that includes order information.

Assignment 13 Add Products to Catalog Pages

Organize information using tables.

Assignment 14 About the References Tab

Practice adding references to a sample document.

Assignment 15 Insert References into Catalog

Add table of contents, cross-reference, and index.

Assignment 16 Invite Customers to an Event

Personalize a form letter using mail merge.

Assignment 17 Generate Mailing Labels for the Letters

Address envelopes using mail merge.

Assignment 18 Newsletter Planning Sheet

Plan content of a newsletter for an organization.

Assignment 19 Create the Newsletter

Apply formatting techniques to design a publication.

Assignment 20 Edit the Newsletter

Improve the content, design, and layout of the publication.

Optional Advanced Word Processing Lessons for High School

  • The Interview: Take part in a mock interview.
  • Job Acceptance Letter: Use letter writing format.
  • Design an Event Poster: Advertise a dance.
  • Create a Fax Cover Sheet: Layout a cover sheet.
  • Cite the Source: Use Word to organize references.
  • We are Moving: Merge data to write a form letter.

Terms of Use
Use TechnoAdvertise with unlimited users at your site. A site is a physical location such as classroom, school, learning center, daycare, library, or home. If you teach at multiple sites, you will need to purchase one set for each location. Access everything you need from TechnoHub, and transfer the files to all devices at your site. View the PDF teacher guides and workbooks digitally or print as many as you need. Files CANNOT be posted in public domain.

Teach Advanced Word Processing Skills
Create a Flyer Advertisement
Develop a Product Catalog
Write and Issue a Newsletter

Advanced Word Processing Lessons for High School

Include TechnoAdvertise in a computer application, career training, workplace preparation, or business studies course. Build practical workplace skills and make real world connections with Microsoft Word projects for high school students.

  • Produce professional publications using technology
  • Apply a style and customize the appearance
  • Format paragraph and character spacing
  • Adjust page orientation, border, margins, watermark
  • Format graphics: pictures, clip art, shapes, smartart
  • Organize a document into sections
  • Create a table and format the cells
  • Insert and format a header and footer
  • Insert a table of contents, index, and cross-reference
  • Merge data into a form letter

Customer Reviews

Includes multiple versions for Office 2019 | 2016 | 2013
Teach advanced word processing skills with TechnoAdvertise Microsoft Word lesson plans for high school. Students create a cover letter and resume to apply to the TechnoAd Agency. Once hired they design a flyer, catalog, custom mailer, and newsletter for clients. Master skills in creating tables, styles, mail merge, table of contents, index, and more!

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Excellent, engaging worksheets that students love and teachers love more! Project-based learning with lessons that are well conceived and have a logical flow. Maybe tone of worksheets is more appropriate for middle school students - older students may find language a little young. Support team is reliable and friendly.

Karen Alford, Perth, WA, Australia, Warwick SHS


I love how easy it is to navigate the materials. The teacher guides and student workbooks are laid out in a way that even the most novice computer teacher or student can follow along and create the projects. I also love all the optional activities added along the way for students that are more advanced or those who want to give themselves a challenge.

Lindsey McVicar, Oliver, South Okanagan Secondary School


Thank you for checking in and following up on my use of Techno-Kids. I love it! I have been using the curriculum for my gifted education students to introduce them to Access, Excel, Publisher, as well as further their knowledge and skill with Word and PowerPoint. I am currently using three different projects geared to my elementary (Quest), middle (Entrepreneur), and high school students (Advertise). Don't need support right now, but I am glad to know that it is there if needed.

S. Laird , LA, USA, Fairview High School


The curriculum is great! Everything is readily available.

J. Smart, Bahamas, Teleos Christian School


Thank you for such a wonderful product. I love the curriculum that TechnoKids provides to teachers. Every chance I get I tell other computer teachers of your work. The projects through TechnoKids are legendary in my school and students come in asking about them on the first day of class (and I teach high school). I noticed that when I am using TechnoKids curriculum, I have less attendance, discipline, and attention problems with my students. Thank you for such a wonderful product at a price teachers can afford.

E. Gulledge, TN, USA, Dickson County High School

The curriculum is great! Everything is readily available.

word processing lessons reviewer

J. Smart,
Teleos Christian School,

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