Technology Integration: Media Arts, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Graphics, Photo Editing

Program: Photoshop CC

Includes: Photoshop Lessons for Beginners: Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities

Handouts and Assessment Tools: TechnoPhotoshop Parent Letter, TechnoPhotoshop Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Photography Tips

Samples: Sample Photos, Sample Scrapbook Web Gallery, Sample Scrapbook PDF Presentation, Sample Contact Sheet

STEM Integration Lessons: media arts with graphic design and photo editing

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Assignment 1 Cameras and Artists

Recognize moments in the history of photography.

Assignment 2 Study the Digital Camera

Label camera parts. Identify benefits to digital photos.

Assignment 3 Explore Elements of Design

Learn about form, color, texture, shape, space, and line.

Assignment 4 View Digital Scrapbooks

Study a contact sheet, presentation, and photo gallery.

Assignment 5 Prepare a Photo Collection

Capture a series of photographs.

Assignment 6 Introduction to Photoshop

Examine uses of photo editing software.

Assignment 7 Explore Photoshop

Set the workspace, view tools, edit settings, and adjust panels.

Assignment 8 Have Fun with Filters

Experiment with filter effects to create four unique images.

Assignment 9 Create a Scrapbook Page

Scale, rotate, warp, and arrange images on a page.

Assignment 10 Practice Retouching

Crop, fix red eye, remove spots, and adjust color.

Assignment 11 Retouch a Photo

Repair imperfections to enhance photo quality.

Assignment 12 Create with Layer Styles

Apply a style to images on a page.

Assignment 13 Adjust the Color

Modify color, contrast, brightness, shadows, and highlights.

Assignment 14 Recolor a Photo

Turn an image into colorful artwork.

Assignment 15 Create with Brush Strokes

Apply a decorative pattern to a page.

Assignment 16 How to Superimpose

Produce an unbelievable scene.

Assignment 17 Superimpose Images

Make a fake picture look real.

Assignment 18 Create with Shapes

Frame a photo or add symbols onto a page.

Assignment 19 Transform a Photo

Apply learned photo editing techniques.

Assignment 20 Create with Bending Text

Wrap text around a shape on a page.

Assignment 21 Create a Digital Scrapbook

Combine pages to form a scrapbook.

Optional Photoshop Lessons for Beginners

  • Blurring the Background: Trace an object and apply a blur filter.
  • Crop a Picture into a Shape or Word: Use a shape or stencil to crop a photo.
  • Color One Part of a Grayscale Picture: Paint over a photo to recolor an area.
  • In Jail: Combine images to make it appear as if a person is in jail.
  • Lost City of Atlantis: Superimpose images to create a fantasy scene.
  • Create a Reflection: Duplicate, flip, and distort images to make a reflection.
  • Word Cloud: Fill a shape with text.
Inspire Creativity
Create a Digital Scrapbook
Includes Fun Extension Activities
Photo Edit using Photoshop Lessons for Beginners

Photoshop Lessons for Beginners

Use Photoshop lesson plans as part of a media arts, web design, or photography course. Learn photo editing techniques. Explore artistic techniques by transforming a collection of photographs into whimsical and wacky scrapbook pages.

  • Understand the connection between camera and art
  • Study the elements of design in a photograph
  • Capture high-quality digital photographs
  • Apply filter effects to transform a picture
  • Retouch a picture to remove imperfections
  • Adjust the color of a picture
  • Make an unbelievable scene look "real"
  • Create with text, layers, brushes, and shapes
  • Transform a photo using various editing techniques
  • Produce a digital scrapbook

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High school students create a digital scrapbook using Photoshop lessons for beginners. Using step by step instructions, students learn advanced photo editing skills by transforming pictures into stunning artwork.

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I love the technokids photoshop curriculum. I have been teaching Photoshop since CS2, (2002), and I have to relearn it every year because I only use it during the Spring semester. I have been teaching lessons that are similar to your curriculum but I have never had such a clearly defined program. Mostly I have relied on You-tube videos and my own creativity. My school has tried to send me to classes on Photoshop but every time I have enrolled, the classes have been canceled for lack of enrollment. Photoshop is not intuitive. I have books, notes, and an outline of objectives that I have relied on for years. Thank you for producing a product that is written in language that I understand.

Karen K., Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, University Liggett School


I purchased TechnoPhotoshop a few years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed using it!

T. Guenther, New Braunfels, TX, Oak Run Middle School


The experience has been a very good one. Instructions are step by step. The kids are enjoying using it.

D. Guzman, Glades Christian Academy, Coral Springs, FL


I am SO thankful for your products they are really helping me to provide enrichment activities for my students plus it brings variety to my lessons - new projects and fresh ideas! Love it! Please keep them coming!

D. Marquez, FL, USA, Coral Springs Charter School

I am SO thankful for your products they are really helping me to provide enrichment activities for my students plus it brings variety to my lessons - new projects and fresh ideas! Love it! Please keep them coming!

photoshop lessons reviewer

D. Marquez,
Coral Springs Charter School,

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