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Free Digital Teacher Resources

Want digital literacy lessons for Google and Microsoft Office? Download free samples of TechnoKids teacher guides today.

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Get Ready for a Free Sample of Digital Skills Curriculum

TechnoKids teacher guides include lesson plans and assignments with step-by-step instructions. Download the free digital literacy activities. There are a range of samples for word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet applications.

TechnoKids is committed to helping you teach digital skills. We have over 40 technology projects. Teachers can select classroom-ready curriculum units for programming, animation, photo editing, web development, and more.

You can preview a teacher guide from each grade level. Or download them all!

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Simplify Curriculum Planning

TechnoKids helps busy teachers integrate technology into curriculum.

Use TechnoKids instructional materials to teach digital literacy skills and coding. Prepare your students for the future. Each technology project includes a teacher guide, student workbook, and resources.

  • fun project-based activities
  • ideal for schools and learning centers
  • affordable one-time fee
  • lessons align to curriculum standards
  • teach in-person or remote
  • instantly download from TechnoHub
  • access Google, MS Office, and coding instructions
  • upload files into any Learning Management System
  • use with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook devices
  • no need to count students or devices at site