Approved TIPS Vendor

Approved TIPS Vendor

  • Contact TechnoKids for a TIPS Quote
  • TIPS Members receive exclusive pricing.

TIPS Members

TechnoKids TIPS Profile

TechnoKids is a TIPS Vendor. Refer to our TechnoKids TIPS Profile.

TIPS Vendor Education Contracts

TechnoKids has been awarded the following contracts:

  • 210301: Academic Curriculum and Instructional/Educational Goods, Materials, and Services
  • 210401: Office and School Supplies Products and Services

How to Place a TIPS Member Order

Here is what you need to do to order curriculum from TechnoKids, an approved TIPS Vendor:

  1. Determine the TechnoKids project or curriculum collection that fits your curriculum needs.
  2. When you are ready, contact TechnoKids to get a TIPS Quote at either or 1-800-221-7921. When you contact TechnoKids identify yourself as a TIPS member.
  3. Afterwards, give the TIPS Quote to your purchasing agent. They will create a purchase order and email it to .
  4. TIPS will then send your PO to TechnoKids. Once we receive your order request, your school will be put into our system. Instantly, you will have a TechnoHub account, which will allow you to download your TechnoKids technology projects.