Technology Projects for Microsoft Office, Office 365 Online, and Google Apps - Fun Computer Activities for Kids

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum is a collection of technology projects. Projects include engaging computer activities for children of all ages. Use our detailed computer lesson plans and resources to teach your students.

Each project includes a teacher guide for curriculum planning, student workbook with handbooks to promote independence, and resources to reinforce learning. Instruction materials are licensed to a school or learning center. An unlimited number of teachers and students can use the lessons.

TechnoKids and 21st Century Learning

Computer lessons have students apply knowledge to analyze information, collaborate, solve problems, and make decisions. Discover the benefits to using TechnoKids technology projects:

  • Everyone at your school or site can use the projects
  • Pay one price - number of devices or users does not affect cost
  • No renewal fee
  • Includes teacher guide, workbook and resources
  • Activities are project based
  • Assignments include step-by-step instructions
  • Free curriculum support
  • Resource files are customizable
  • Themes integrate into curriculum units
  • Teach technology skills in a meaningful way
  • Download a project or receive a set on a USB drive
  • Multi-site licence discounts available

Engage Students with Fun Computer Lesson Plans

Interdisciplinary activities target learning objectives from multiple subject areas such as language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, geography, history, visual arts, or drama.

Buy a Project, Set, or Package of Computer Lessons

TechnoKids projects integrate into any curriculum. There are several options:

School Wide
Use the computer lesson plans as a complete program for all students.

School Division
Offer a set of computer lesson plans to a group of children, such as middle school students.

Computer Course
Purchase several projects and use the computer lesson plans to create a course that meets learning objectives.

Curriculum Unit
Select a project that has themed computer activities that integrate into a curriculum unit.

Technology Skill
Select a project with computer lessons for a technology skill, such as spreadsheets.

Developing Computer Activities Since 1993

TechnoKids has been developing projects for over two decades. Our computer activities are written by certified teachers and tested in the classroom to ensure they will work well for your students.

What is a project?

A project contains theme-based activities. Each project comes with a teacher guide, workbook and resources. Resource files include templates, samples, assessment tools, enrichment activities, Internet bookmarks, parent letters, and more!

Will a TechnoKids project work in a paperless classroom?

Yes! TechnoKids instructional materials are digital. The teacher guide and workbook are in PDF format. Each assignment in the workbook is a separate file that can be shared with students for them to follow instructions and type in their answers.

How do I share a project with my students?

You can place the workbook, templates and samples onto a local drive, flash drive, or PASSWORD protected web-based server. Students then access the files from that location and save their work to their own folder.

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I am really impressed with TechnoKids projects! It's great computer curriculum. The assignments are easy to follow and the students learn essential skills.

D. Ekron person

D. Ekron,
John Knox Christian School,
ON, Canada

Common Core logo

TechnoKids computer projects are correlated to English Language Arts and Mathematics Common Core State Standards. Find your grade, locate a project, and see how it aligns with Common Core Standards.

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TechnoKids computer projects are correlated to standards provided by the International Society of Technology Education. Find your grade, locate a project, and see how it aligns with ISTE Standards.

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TechnoKids projects make learning meaningful. Each project has computer lessons for kids that use software such as Microsoft Office, Google Apps, and Office Online. Discover how project based learning benefits students.

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We began using TechnoKids Computer Curriculum in 1999. I have always been very impressed with the variety of projects and the team’s ability to make changes in keeping with software updates.

The computer lesson plans are fun, challenging, and educational. The materials are a great training tool for both kids and teachers. I highly recommend TechnoKids to all schools.

M. Cole person

M. Cole,
Matthews Hall,
ON, Canada

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Our computer technology lesson plans for kids are designed to teach a range of skills.
Each project includes a teacher guide, student workbook, and resources files including assessment tools, certificates, parent letters, templates, sample files, and more!

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