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TechnoKids has a comprehensive library of technology projects. Our instructional materials include digital literacy and coding lessons for Grades 1-12. Educators can use the resources for learning at school and at home. Why not try them out?

Sign up to receive FREE computer lessons. Each month an email will arrive in your Inbox with a link to an assignment. The worksheet is a PDF file that can be reproduced for use by your students. As an extra bonus, some lessons include a template.

Whether you are looking to teach a new technology skill, or get a few teaching ideas, these free activities will be a welcome addition to your program. We have selected assignments from our most popular projects. For example, you will receive coding, spreadsheet, word processing, and animation lessons - just to name a few.

The good news is we also provide you multiple versions of the same free digital literacy or coding lesson. This means you can download instructions for either Google, Microsoft Office, or Office for the Web. This allows you to use the free STEM resources with any application.

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Classroom-ready activities for MS Office, Google, and Coding.

How to Sign Up for Free Computer Lessons

You might be wondering how you get free digital literacy and coding resources. It is simple!

Four Easy Steps to Receive Free Digital Literacy and Coding Lessons

1 Complete the sign-up sheet.

2 Check your Inbox for a message from TechnoKids.

3 Click the link in the email to confirm you want free lessons.

4 A new email will arrive in your Inbox. Download your first free lesson!

Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up to receive free digital literacy and coding lessons you are set for 2 years. Yes. You read that correctly. We will send you 24 assignments that are classroom ready. Each month, a new one will arrive in your Inbox.

No. The computer lessons are FREE. The assignments we share with you, are yours to keep and use with your students. You never have to purchase any TechnoKids technology projects. There is no obligation to buy. However, we will from time-to-time email you a special offer to encourage you to try one of our curriculum units.

TechnoKids has over 40 technology projects for Grades 1-12. We divide our instructional materials into collections. These are based on school divisions: Primary (Grades 1-3), Junior (Grades 3-6), Intermediate (Grades 6-9), and Senior (Grades 8-12). Each month you will receive a free digital literacy or coding lesson from our library. Use it with your students. Or pass it onto another teacher that likes free teaching resources, in the event the content does not suit your age level. Don't worry! There will be another free lesson arriving the following month.

It can sometimes take up to 20 minutes to process your request. However, if you are still checking your Inbox and there is nothing from TechnoKids try these ideas...

  • Check your Junk, Spam, or Clutter folder. School email systems are notorious for filtering messages from outside their organization. This means the confirmation email may not be delivered directly into your Inbox. If this has happened add TechnoKids to your safe sender list. This will ensure you never miss out on free teaching resources.
  • Your school might be in a restricted location. The free computer lessons are for any educator. This includes classroom teachers, computer instructors, digital literacy course providers, coding or programming teachers, tutors, and home school parents. Unfortunately, there are some places outside of North America where we cannot giveaway digital resources. In this case, you may be unable to receive free lessons.

Once you confirm your subscription to the Free Computer Lessons mailing list, it can take a few minutes to send the first computer lesson. However, if you are still checking your Junk, Spam, or Clutter folder. We recommend you add TechnoKids to a safe sender list. If not, you might miss out on free teaching resources.

This problem happens rarely - but it does happen. When you sign up for free monthly lessons from TechnoKids, you are joining a subscription list. GetResponse is the service that manages our list. If you regularly report email messages as spam to GetReponse you can be blocked from their service. If this describes your situation, unfortunately TechnoKids cannot help. We did not block you. GetResponse did. Which means you have to contact them directly to join subscription lists they manage.

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