Purchase Order

Paying by Purchase Order?

If you are submitting a purchase order for your school or district, it must include the information indicated below. Once you have sent your purchase order to TechnoKids and your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with instructions on how to sign in to TechnoHub and download your instructional materials.

Product Information

  • Product Information
    List the product SKU or the Title.

  • Quote
    If you received a quote from TechnoKids attach it to your purchase order.

User Information

  • School Name
    The name of the school where the product will be used. A TechnoKids' curriculum site license grants use to a single site such as a school or learning center. If you are purchasing bulk licenses all school names should appear on the purchase order or attach them using a separate sheet. DO NOT USE A SCHOOL DISTRICT NAME AS THE USER.

  • Educator Name
    The name of the teacher that will be using the product.

  • Educator Email
    The email of the teacher that will be using the product and/or accessing the TechnoHub account. It must be a working address as we will use it to send TechnoHub sign in instructions.

  • School Address
    The street address where the product will be used is required. Do not submit a P. O. Box.

  • Telephone
    Include the telephone number of the school where the product will be used.

Billing Information

* Only required if different from User Information

  • ☐ Billing Location Name

  • ☐ Billing Address

  • ☐ Billing Telephone

  • ☐ Billing Contact Name

  • ☐ Billing Email Address

How to Submit Purchase Order

Send completed purchase orders by any of the following methods:

  1. @ Email | order@technokids.com

  2. 🖷 Fax | 1-905-631-9113

  3. ✉ Mail | TechnoKids Inc., 55 King Street East, P O Box 451, Thornbury, ON, CANADA N0H 2P0