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TechnoKids Digital Literacy & Coding Curriculum
   — TechnoKids Digital Literacy and Coding Curriculum includes technology projects for Office, Google Docs, Python, Scratch, & more! Step-by-step lessons.

   — Purchase one technology project or a complete collection. Each project includes a teacher guide, workbook, and resources. Download instructional materials from TechnoHub.

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   — Follow the instructions to submit a purchase order. Include school name, address, and phone number, as well as a contact name and email address.

Shopping FAQ
   — Get the help you need to place an order. Read the answers to frequently asked questions to learn about methods of payment, quotes, and more!

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   — Request a TIPS quote. TIPS members can learn about the order process and education contracts.

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   — Determine if your school district or organization qualifies for a multi-site license discount. Contact for a quote.

FAQ Digital Literacy & Coding Curriculum
   — Learn about TechnoKids technology projects, site license, and requirements. Read the frequently asked questions about our Digital Literacy & Coding Curriculum.

Project Based Learning
   — Apply a project-based approach to learning. Engage students in real-world and personally meaningful projects using TechnoKids Digital Literacy and Coding Curriculum.

Technology Integration
   — Blend digital tools and technology skills into learning using TechnoKids Digital Literacy and Coding Curriculum. Discover the importance of technology integration.

Digital Literacy and STEM Activities
   — Support STEM education. Establish an awareness of STEM careers. Develop a diverse skill set using interdisciplinary projects that prepare students for the future.

Curriculum Standards
   — Identify how technology skills and competencies progress within and across grades. Download alignment documents to curriculum standards.

   — Access playlists about TechnoKids technology projects. Watch 30 second videos about our most popular projects.

Primary Digital Literacy Curriculum
   — Digital literacy curriculum for Grades 1-3. Fun lessons engage students. Paint, write stories, code games. Activities emphasize fundamentals.

Junior Digital Literacy & Coding Curriculum
   — Digital literacy and coding curriculum for Grades 3-6. Engaging lessons and activities. Code a game, animate a story, publish a report, and more!

Intermediate Digital Literacy & Coding Curriculum
   — Digital literacy and coding curriculum for Grades 6-9. Ideal for middle school. Analyze data, program a game, or develop a website. STEM lessons.

Senior Digital Literacy & CTE Curriculum
   — Digital literacy and CTE curriculum for middle school and high school. Create ads, plan a business venture, or animate a story. Project-based lessons.

Digital Literacy & Coding Curriculum Collections
   — Project-based digital literacy and coding curriculum for Grades 1-12. Collections of technology projects with engaging lessons for a single affordable price.

Free Teacher Resources for Digital Literacy
   — Download free sample teacher guides for evaluation purposes. Complete the form. A message will arrive in your Inbox with links to the digital literacy and coding lessons.

Free Digital Literacy & Coding Lessons for Kids
   — Sign up! Receive free digital literacy and coding lessons for kids each month. The teaching ideas and computer activities are perfect for your students.

   — Read articles on our EdTech blog about digital literacy and coding. Posts include teaching strategies and free resources for integrating technology into learning.

   — Contact TechnoKids support for assistance. Gain answers to the most common questions about getting started, using PDF files, and downloading from TechnoHub.

Support Form
   — Notify the TechnoKids team that you need help with TechnoKids technology projects. Someone will phone or email you with answers. Please provide a detailed description.

Getting Started
   — Get started using TechnoKids. Instructions and videos explain how to select a project, download from TechnoHub, unzip files, access project resources, use a PDF viewer, and other helpful tips.

Google Classroom
   — Distribute assignments in Google Classroom. Instructions explain how to set up classes, create assignments, and evaluate student work. Tips explain how to attach templates, samples, and worksheets.

Class Notebook
   — Transform a TechnoKids project into a OneNote Class Notebook. Instructions explain how to set up a class notebook, distribute assignments, add resources, and view completed work.

Homeschooling Technology Resources
   — Personalize learning with self-paced digital literacy and coding lessons. Our curriculum is ideal for homeschooling. The resources are flexible. Use in a homeschool cooperative or for your family.

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   — Phone 1-800-221-7921 or 1-905-631-9112 to talk to a TechnoKids team member. Or complete the form to inquire about our technology projects.

International TechnoKids Associates
   — Locate a TechnoKids International Associate (outside of North America) to find and contact a licensed distributor in your area.

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Privacy Policy
   — Read the privacy policy to learn how personal information is collected on the TechnoKids website and how this data is protected.

Return Policy
   — Review the return policy and warranty information for TechnoKids products.

STEM Robotic Kits and Coding
   — Affordable STEM robotic kits for Grades 1-3. Hands-on coding robots for schools and learning centers.