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TechnoKids Computer Curriculum K-12 Technology Projects
   — TechnoKids technology projects includes computer lessons for Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Adobe, and more! Projects include teacher guide, workbook, and resources.

   — Purchase one technology project or a complete package. Each project includes a teacher guide, workbook, and resources (e.g. templates, samples, flashcards, certificates, assessment tools).

Computer Curriculum
   — Computer curriculum is divided into categories: Primary (grades 1-3), Junior (grades 3-6), Intermediate (grades 6-9), and Senior (grades 8-12).

Project Based Learning
   — TechnoKids computer curriculum uses a project based learning framework. Learn about the benefits to PBL in education. Engage students!

Technology Integration
   — TechnoKids computer curriculum blends ICT in education. Lessons improve student engagement, comprehension of content knowledge, and application of skills.

ICT and STEM Activities
   — TechnoKids technology projects blend ICT and STEM activities into curriculum. Interdisciplinary lessons promote STEM careers using fun activities for kids.

Common Core and ISTE Standards Alignment
   — TechnoKids computer curriculum aligns with Common Core State Standards and ISTE Standards. View correlation documents.

   — Videos explain how to use Microsoft Office, Google Docs, or Adobe Photoshop to integrate technology into curriculum using TechnoKids technology projects.

Primary Computer Curriculum
   — Technology projects for beginners in Grades 1-3. Fun lessons provide a foundation for learning. Activities emphasize fundamentals. Paint, write stories, code games.

Junior Computer Curriculum
   — Technology projects for elementary students. ICT focus is on essential skills. Activities promote the practical application of technology.

Intermediate Computer Curriculum
   — Technology projects for middle school and high school students. Lessons develop proficiency with using ICT applications. Activities support STEM education.

Senior Computer Curriculum
   — Technology projects for advanced learners or high school students. Lessons promote higher learning and career readiness. Activities emphasize real-world and ICT applications.

Curriculum Collections
   — Technology projects for K-8 or K-12 teachers. Lessons develop proficiency using ICT applications. Activities support STEM education.

Download Samples
   — Get free computer lessons including free excel tutorial, free PowerPoint lessons for teachers and more. Download a free sample of TechnoKids today.

Free Computer Lessons for Kids
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   — Read the TechnoKids blog for articles about integrating ICT and STEM activities into curriculum. Learn about events, products, and promotions. Archived articles are organized in chronological order.

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Getting Started
   — Get started using TechnoKids technology projects. Instructions and videos explain how to select a project, download from TechnoHub, unzip files, access project resources, use a PDF viewer, and other helpful tips.

Google Classroom
   — Get started using TechnoKids and Google Classroom. Step-by-step instructions explain how to set up classes, create assignments, and evaluate student work. Tips explain how to attach templates, samples, and worksheets.

Class Notebook
   — Transform a TechnoKids project into a OneNote Class Notebook. Instructions explain how to set up a class notebook, distribute assignments, add resources, and view completed work.

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Homeschooling Technology Resources
   — Technology projects for homeschooling. Computer curriculum for homeschool cooperatives, parent-teachers, and independent home learners. Personalized learning using Microsoft Office or Google Docs.

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