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TechnoKids Projects are Ideal for Home Learning

Simplify planning lessons. Use TechnoKids Curriculum to integrate technology into learning. TechnoKids technology projects will help your child master digital tools. At the same time, they will develop a deeper understanding of content knowledge.

TechnoKids offers homeschool educators flexibility. You can use the instructional materials solely to teach digital literacy and coding skills. Or blend the assignments into another curriculum unit. Since the tasks are open-ended, your child can follow step-by-step instructions to create a presentation, budget, advertisement, website, treasure hunt, infographic, and more.

10 Reasons Why TechnoKids is the Best Homeschool Curriculum
  1. Provides structured lessons that include detailed instructions
  2. Supports self-paced learning using workbooks
  3. Personalizes education with activities that adapt to students' passions
  4. Engages learners with practical tasks
  5. Develops critical and creative thinking skills
  6. Interrelates subjects to enrich learning
  7. Offers technology projects for all grade levels
  8. Promotes digital citizenship
  9. Emphasizes hands-on experiences using real-world applications
  10. Prepares students for the future
Product Summary

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Home School Technology Curriculum

We know you want to make learning fun and meaningful. TechnoKids curriculum resources promote digital literacy and support STEM education using project based learning. Your child will learn essential skills while completing engaging tasks.

Transform your child into a "techno" kid! By using TechnoKids technology projects, they can learn how to:

Each TechnoKids technology project has everything you need to teach. You receive a teacher guide with detailed lessons, workbook with step-by-step instructions, and resources such as quizzes and examples.

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