DYNAMIC MICROSOFT OFFICE LESSON PLANS: Unique and innovative project-based middle and high school activities to integrate word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database skills, and more! Students play the role of an executive working at an amusement park. They create a variety of documents – an advertising poster, customer survey, animated billboard, and more.

AUTHENTIC, REAL-WORLD CHALLENGE: Hook student interest with relevant, meaningful tasks. Promote active learning as teens and tweens solve everyday problems.

PROMOTE STEM, CTE, AND ICT: Build a foundation in technology skills that will be vital for career readiness. Prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow by developing many essential competencies in one comprehensive project. Encourage tech-savvy young people to extend their collection of computer expertise.

CLASSROOM TESTED RESOURCES: Teacher Guide lists preparation strategies, lesson plans, tips and tricks, and skill summaries. Customizable marking sheets are included for each activity. Student Workbook in PDF format with step-by-step, illustrated instructions may be printed or used in digital format for paperless classrooms. Samples, templates, and checklists help students develop organizational skills and creativity.

NO TIME LIMIT: No subscription fee. No per student cost. Use the materials on an unlimited number of devices in your school. See Terms of Use below for more information.

Technology Integration: Business Studies, Language Arts, Math, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Data Management, Database, Publishing, Graphics, Internet, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Word Processing

Version: Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013

Program: Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word

Assignment 1 Become an Executive for an Amusement Park

Invent a theme park.

Assignment 2 Design a Poster Phase 1

Advertise the theme park. Format text to attract attention.

Assignment 3 Design a Poster Phase 2

Complete the advertisement using graphic elements.

Assignment 4 Practice Search Strategies

Develop techniques to find reliable information fast.

Assignment 5 Conduct Internet Research

Apply search strategies to locate facts and images.

Assignment 6 Create Animal Fact Placards

Adjust page layout options to produce exhibit signs.

Assignment 7 Conduct a Survey

Collect data to discover visitors’ preferred attractions.

Assignment 8 Organize Survey Data

Arrange findings in a spreadsheet. Format the cells.

Assignment 9 Graph Survey Data

Analyze results to recommend a new attraction.

Assignment 10 Select an Attraction to Promote

Invent an innovative attraction. Determine features.

Assignment 11 Create Slides About the Attraction 1

Showcase the thrilling new attraction.

Assignment 12 Create Slides About the Attraction 2

Persuade others to visit the park.

Assignment 13 Apply Animations

Animate slide objects to produce a unique advertisement.

Assignment 14 Apply Transitions

Divide the action and set the timing of the advertisement.

Assignment 15 Edit the File and then Export as a Video

Print advertisement. Convert to video.

Assignment 16 Plan the Exclusive Event

Propose a party for season ticket holders. Organize ideas.

Assignment 17 Design the Front Cover of the Invitation

Invite season ticket holders to an event.

Assignment 18 Design the Inside and Back Cover of the Invitation

Decorate the publication.

Assignment 19 Introduction to Databases

Determine the purpose and parts of a database.

Assignment 20 Examine Database Tables and Forms

View park records using different views.

Assignment 21 Find Records to Learn About Visitor Traffic

Discover the popularity of attractions.

Assignment 22 Filter Records to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Resolve issues in the park.

Assignment 23 Sort Attractions to Find Information Fast

Change record order in a database.

Assignment 24 Add a Database Record

Insert a record about the latest park attraction.

Optional Microsoft Office Lessons

  • Amusement Park Map: Use symbols and text to make a park map.
  • View the Animal Exhibit: Design a poster with SmartArt graphics.
  • Park Attractions Photo Album: Use PowerPoint to create a photo album.
  • Analyze Visitor Traffic: Calculate and graph with formulas.
  • Amusement Park Sign: Use Word to create a sign.
  • Make a Voucher: Use Publisher to design a coupon.
  • Generate a Calendar: Create a calendar using Publisher.
  • Use a Query to Report Height Restrictions: Generate a query and a report.

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Microsoft Office Lessons
Use Excel to Develop a Business Plan
Design a Promotion with PowerPoint
Have Fun with Publisher and Access

Transform Students into Experts with Microsoft Office Lessons

Use project based learning with TechnoWonderland Microsoft Office lessons to spark student interest and make learning experiences meaningful. Introduce Word, Internet, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access in one unique themed unit of study. Teach a broad collection of technology skills. Include technology activities as part of a computer application, marketing, entrepreneurship, or business studies course.

  • Design a publication for a target audience
  • Edit text to attract attention and improve readability
  • Insert and format clip art, pictures, wordart
  • Adjust page layout: orientation, margins, border
  • Apply internet search strategies
  • Format and calculate data in a spreadsheet
  • Graph data and customize the appearance
  • Create slides and modify the design
  • Animate slide objects and apply transitions
  • View, search, filter, and add records

Customer Reviews

Includes multiple versions for Office 2019 | 2016 | 2013
Middle and High school students become marketing executives of an amusement park. This challenging job has them use Microsoft Office lessons to complete a wide range of job duties. They use Word to create a poster and animal exhibit sign, Excel to graph survey results regarding a new attraction, PowerPoint to produce a video, Publisher to design an invitation for an exclusive event, and Access to analyze park data. Extension activities challenge students. TechnoWonderland Microsoft Office lesson plans hook student interest!

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Your workbooks and lesson plans are extremely easy to follow.

D. Hemrock, Villa Rica, GA, USA, Homeschool


Perfect for Cert I Information, Digital Media Technology and some elements of the Certificate II.

Jason, Brisbane, Kedron State High School


I used TechnoWonderland for a Technology Sampler course for high school freshman and it worked out great! They got to sample all aspects of Office and had fun creating their own document and getting creative!

Karen Young, Londonderry, NH, Londonderry High School


Amazing resource, fantastic value for money and so detailed. Was overjoyed with my purchase and the children really enjoyed it.

Emma B, Ayr, Scotland, Barr Primary School


I love the variety of projects and it is helping my students to tie all aspects of Microsoft Office together.

Sara U., Baker, FL, Baker School


I purchased Wonderland (MS Office) earlier on this year. It is an amazing resource!

S. Fogarty, Forrestfield, Australia, HillSide Christian College


I'm excited to get going with this project!

T. Slaughter, Columbus, Ohio, South HS 7-12


My students really enjoyed this project! They loved being able to create their own theme park and I loved all the different activities we did using all types of programs. Techno Wonderland was very easy to follow and implement in my classroom. I highly recommend it!

Maureen N, Little Egg Harbor, NJ, Pinelands Regional School District


Review: I am using this curriculum with one student who is on the Autism Spectrum. His primary interest is in Theme Parks, so we chose the TechnoWonderland curriculum. The curriculum is great, although we are modifying it to meet his needs (less detail).

J. Steinberg, Lexington, MA, Institute for Learning and Development


What I appreciate about techno kids is the wonderful support services that are always at the ready. There always seems to be an available “real person” to talk to about product selection and use of the program. Additionally, the cost of the program is reasonable for a teacher’s budget. Finally, the each project engages students in self directed academic rigor that captures their attention and rewards the intellect.

Christopher Burnside, Mount Vernon New York, Mount Vernon High School


I am thrilled with the Guide and Student Workbook. Hats off to the curriculum writer who did this program. Very complete and comprehensive. Extremely well thought out and put together. The students are going to love it and will definitely learn some beneficial skills.

W. Giraud-Comeau, BC, Canada, Lakes District Secondary School

I am thrilled with the TechnoWonderland Guide and Student Workbook. Hats off to the curriculum writer who did this program. Very complete and comprehensive. Extremely well thought out and put together. The students are going to love it and will definitely learn some beneficial skills.

microsoft office lessons high school reviewer

W. Giraud-Comeau,
Lakes District Secondary School,
BC, Canada

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