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Program a drone delivery system, robot pick-up service, and self-driving bus to solve real world problems using AI.

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Project Includes:
Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, Customizable Resources, Assessment Tools, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Certificates
Tech Integration:
Computer Science, Science
Tech Skill:
Artificial Intelligence, Presentation, Programming
PowerPoint, Slides, Scratch

In this project, students become artificial intelligence specialists. They apply a design thinking model to imagine creative solutions to real-world problems. Using Scratch, they build prototypes of their inventions. These include a drone delivery system, robot pickup service, and self-driving tour. Afterwards, they present one of their AI prototypes as an investment opportunity. Throughout, the project, they reflect upon the possibilities and limitations of AI technologies.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Beginners
    Middle school and High school students in Grades 8-12 explore real-world applications of AI technologies. Each task progresses in complexity to gradually build coding skills and develop an understanding of artificial intelligence in daily lives.

  • Project-Based Learning
    TechnoBot AI provides hands-on learning. Each scenario is open-ended which engages learners. This allows students to pursue their own interest as they define a problem AI can solve.

  • Design Thinking for Kids
    For each scenario students flow in and out of the five phases of design thinking. They emphasize with users, define how AI can improve lives, ideate products or services that AI can transform, build a prototype, and test code to refine the program.

  • Explore STEM Careers
    Throughout the curriculum unit students engage in tasks that actively explore STEM professions. Teaching artificial intelligence for students inspires curiosity in programming and computer science.

Artificial Intelligence Coding Unit

Session 1 Introduction to AI

In session 1, students become artificial intelligence specialists. This role requires them to solve problems using AI and Scratch. The fun begins with an exploration of AI in daily lives. Next, they register for a Scratch account and discover how to use coding blocks to create a simple animation. They will apply this knowledge in upcoming sessions to program a drone delivery system, robot pickup service, and self-driving tour.

Session 2 Flying Machines at School

In session 2, students develop a prototype of a drone delivery system that uses AI. It must solve a common problem at school. Using Scratch, students build a simple program that flies a sprite-drone to collect items and then return to its original start point. They will refine the code to adjust to new delivery locations and object movement. How can students improve the lives of teachers?

Session 3 Robot Pickup Service

In Session 3, students invent a robot pickup service that kids can use to quickly get items from a smart locker. The locker could store food, books, or gym equipment. The process will be contactless. A user will receive a secret code to unlock a specific box. If the wrong code is entered, an error message will display. Students will use Scratch to build a model of their AI prototype. How can they improve the lives of kids?

Session 4 Self-Driving Tour

In session 4, students become computer vision specialists. They design a self-driving tour. It must meet the needs of both business owners and tourists. Using Scratch, students will build a program that drives an autonomous vehicle along a route from one exhibit to another. At each stop, a robot will share interesting facts. The tour could take place at a zoo, theme park, or city center.

Session 5 Obstacle Detection

In session 5, students improve the safety of their self-driving tour. They program their autonomous vehicle to avoid obstacles along the route. Afterwards, both business owners and tourists test the design to provide feedback. Once it is ready, students invite others to take a robot guided tour and provide a customer review. How does the invention enhance the lives of others?

Session 6 Investment Opportunity

In session 6, students create a presentation for potential investors. They are seeking funding for one of their AI prototypes. It could be their drone delivery system, robot pickup service, or self-driving tour. Getting straight to the point they will explain their product. Using very few words and lots of visuals they will summarize how the technology works and why it improves the lives of users. Who will invest in their invention?

Optional Artificial Intelligence and Scratch Lessons
  • Be a Responsible Digital Citizen
  • Learn About Drones and AI
  • Upload a Sprite
  • The Road to Driverless Vehicles
  • Organize Code Area
  • Print Handouts
Artificial Intelligence Lessons for Kids in Grades 8-12

In TechnoBot AI, students are presented with real-world applications of AI technologies including a drone delivery system, robot pick up service, and autonomous shuttle bus. For each technology, they determine a legitimate problem that AI can solve for a specific user. Each scenario progresses in complexity. They are guided through a step-by-step model of design thinking for kids. This allows students to gain an understanding of AI, as well as build their coding skills gradually.

  • Participate in an online community as digital citizens
  • Develop a plan that solves real-world problems using AI
  • Apply research strategies to find images to act as sprite-bots
  • Program a drone, robot pick-up service, and self-driving bus
  • Test a program and debug the code
  • Build code that uses loops, variables, and operators
  • Seek feedback to refine a solution that meets user needs
  • Document programs to make them easier to follow
  • Demonstrate an AI prototype in a coding presentation
  • Reflect on artificial intelligence in daily life

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