STEM Robotic Kits and Coding

STEM Kits and Curriculum

Support STEM education with programmable robotic kits for elementary students. The robots are ideal for schools, learning centers, and homeschools. Each kit is ready to go out of the box. Children can easily control the bots movements by coding simple scripts. It is an ideal way to develop computational thinking, shaping the programmers of tomorrow.

Many of the STEM robotic kits include TechnoKids curriculum bundles. These are a series of project-based activities that blend robotics, coding, and digital literacy. The lessons spark creativity with open-ended challenges. Students can plan a treasure hunt, tour a zoo, or blast-off to a new planet. When you purchase a kit, instantly you will have access to TechnoHub, an online library where you can download TechnoKids technology projects that match your STEM robotic kit.

Discover how fun and easy it is to teach with a teacher guide, workbook, and resources. The activities expand the use of your STEM robotic kit. You will have access to step-by-step worksheets, offline coding resources, assessment tools, and more. The TechnoKids collection of activities makes it simple to reuse robotic kits again and again throughout the school year. Additionally, instructions for a range of different programming levels are provided so multiple grades can build STEM skills from the same kit.