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Become an event planner. Organize data into tables, forms, queries, and reports. High school database project.

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Project Includes:
Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, Customizable Resources, Assessment Tools, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Certificates
Tech Integration:
Business Studies
Tech Skill:
Data Management, Database, Word Processing
Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016
Access, Word

Includes multiple versions for Microsoft Office
Students start a business to plan occasions such as parties, proms, or weddings. Microsoft Access is used to create a database to organize information. TechnoPlanner database project teaches advanced database skills in an engaging, real world application that is motivating and meaningful for high school students.

  • Advanced Database Project
    Hook student interest. Play the role of an event planner. Organize data and learn database skills in a unique and personally meaningful project.

  • Student-Centered and Engaging
    Promote active learning as students solve real-life challenges. As a company owner who plans special occasions such as birthday parties and proms, teens create a database to track clients and event details.

  • Easy to Implement Resources
    Everything you need is included. Teacher Guide in PDF format includes comprehensive instructions for getting started, helpful strategies, lesson plans, marking sheets, and learning objectives. Student Workbook may be used digitally or printed. Illustrated, step-by-step instructions support differentiated instruction, chunking of activities, and independent learning. Checklists encourage organizational skills. Sample party planning database fosters creativity.

  • STEM, CTE, and ICT Integration Using Microsoft Access Lessons for Beginners
    Advance technology competence for career readiness. Students require essential computer skills for the job opportunities of the future. Database projects for students teach valued digital literacy competencies in a real world, meaningful setting.

Assignment 1 What is a Database?

Recognize the purpose of a database.

Assignment 2 About Microsoft Access

Label the parts of the program window.

Assignment 3 Examine Tables in a Database

Study fields in a table. Add a record in datasheet view.

Assignment 4 Examine Forms in a Database

Study fields on a form. Add a record in form view.

Assignment 5 Examine a Query in a Database

Identify the fields and source table used in a query.

Assignment 6 Examine a Report in a Database

Consider benefits to generating reports.

Assignment 7 The Event Planning Industry

Read about event planning to learn about services.

Assignment 8 Become an Event Planner

Launch a business. Plan a database for customer data.

Assignment 9 Build the Customers Table

Construct a table in datasheet view. Set field properties.

Assignment 10 Build the Events Table

Construct a table in design view. Include an input mask.

Assignment 11 Create a Relationship Between the Tables

Join customer and event information.

Assignment 12 Create a Customers Form with the Wizard

Design a form. Customize layout.

Assignment 13 Create the Events Form in Design View

Arrange controls on a form. Adjust tab order.

Assignment 14 Add the Events Form to Customers Form

Use a subform to view customer events.

Assignment 15 Enter Records

Add customer information and book events.

Assignment 16 Sort Records

Order records numerically, alphabetically, or chronologically.

Assignment 17 Search, Find, and Filter Records

Locate records that match criteria.

Assignment 18 Which Customers Need to Confirm Plans?

Use the Query Wizard to filter records.

Assignment 19 Create a Calling List

Generate a report from a query in design view. Sort the data.

Assignment 20 What Events are Upcoming?

Create a query in design view to filter records.

Assignment 21 Create a Report of Upcoming Events

Produce a report from a query in design view.

Optional Database Project Activities
  • Database Designer: Plan and design a database.
  • Organize Movies: Build a table to organize a product.
  • My Favorite Songs: Make a form to categorize music.
  • Mailing Labels: Create address labels from a database.
  • Mail Merge: Create a personalized advertisement.
Advanced Database Skills for High School

Include TechnoPlanner database project in a computer application, marketing, or business studies course. Students operate a party planning business, building a database to organize clients and events. They produce forms for data entry, add records, organize data, design a query, and create a summary report. TechnoPlanner Microsoft Access lesson plans for beginners teach database skills in an authentic, real world application.

  • Construct a database
  • Make a table in a database to store data
  • Set the field properties in a table
  • Establish a relationship between tables
  • Create simple data entry forms
  • Add a subform to a main form
  • Sort, find, and filter records
  • Produce a query to filter data
  • Design and format a report
  • Evaluate the design of database objects

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Just finished TechnoPlanner. Imagine teaching this to 50 eighth graders.  All were successful.

C. Andrews, Starkville, MS, USA, Starkville Academy
January 16, 2015

I was really happy to use TechnoPlanner for Access. It is very hard to find lessons that support Access and this is perfect. Thanks for all you do with the project based curriculum.

A. Vetter, Napavine, WA, USA, Napavine High School
October 30, 2014

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