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Explore digital art tools. Paint original images and display them in an art gallery using Google Drawings and Slides.

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Project Includes:
Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, Customizable Resources, Assessment Tools, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Certificates
Tech Integration:
Visual Arts
Tech Skill:
Graphics, Presentation, Word Processing
Drawings, Slides

Produce an animated art gallery. Through guided exploration and experimentation, students discover how to use digital art tools using Google Drawings in the classroom. Apply knowledge to make a series of creative art pieces that convey an emotion, tell a story, send a message, and express an idea. Integrate visual arts with computer lessons for elementary grades.

  • Digital Art for Elementary Grades
    Engage student interest with fun and creative computer lessons. Students paint a one-of-a-kind gallery of artwork as they explore lines, shapes, text, color, and more.

  • Step-By-Step Lessons for Busy Teachers
    Teacher Guide and illustrated Student Workbook make teaching technology skills easy. Everything you need is included: resources, flashcards, worksheets, extension activities, samples, and assessment tools.

  • Integrate Technology With Visual Arts
    Blend learning objectives for subject areas in one project. Computer fundamentals, graphic technology skills, and creative arts are combined in TechnoGallery.

  • Explore Elements and Principles of Design
    Experiment with digital tools, make creative decisions, and discover artistic techniques while making unique digital paintings. Encourage students to express their inner artist.

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Assignment 1 Become an Art Critic

Examine a sample animated art gallery to spark creativity.

Assignment 2 Discover Lines

Gain fine motor skills. Experiment with drawing straight, curvy, and jagged lines.

Assignment 3 Design a Pattern using Lines

Study patterns in common objects. Repeat stylized lines to draw unique artwork.

Assignment 4 Express Yourself as a Cartoon

Create an original character that reveals emotion using lines.

Assignment 5 Explore Shapes

Experiment with drawing and formatting shapes. Customize color and object order.

Assignment 6 Construct Animals using Shapes

Combine shapes to build cartoon animals such as a cat, tiger, or bear.

Assignment 7 Tell a Story

Paint a picture that illustrates a story using shapes and lines.

Assignment 8 Have Fun with Text

Experiment with text and word art. Format font, size, style, color, and alignment.

Assignment 9 Make a Picture from Text

Communicate a message by transforming text into artwork using WordArt.

Assignment 10 Try Recolor and Crop Options

Take risks. Explore recolor and cropping options to format an image.

Assignment 11 Create Colorful Artwork

Convey a personal interest by duplicating images to produce a repetitive design.

Assignment 12 Save Pictures to use in Art Gallery

Convert artwork made in Google Drawings to picture files.

Assignment 13 Exhibit Artwork in a Gallery

Frame pictures to showcase artwork in an animated art gallery. Apply transitions between slides.

Assignment 14 Host a Digital Art Show

Exhibit artwork displayed in a slideshow. Explain artistic choices to an audience.

Optional Digital Art Lessons for Elementary Grades:
  • Edit Points: Adjust points in a Google Drawing,
  • Trace a Photo: Trace outline of an object using drawing tools.
  • Print as a Handout: Reduce a presentation to 1 printed page.
Visual Arts Activities for Google Drawings in the Classroom

The TechnoGallery project integrates computer lessons for elementary grades into the visual arts curriculum. The activities gradually introduce digital art drawing tools and techniques to support the creative process of making artwork using technology.

  • Experiment with digital tools
  • Create digital art that expresses an idea
  • Make creative decisions to solve problems
  • Explore elements and principles of design
  • Reflect to explain artistic choices
  • Format lines, shapes, text, and images
  • Exhibit artwork in an animated gallery
  • Apply a slide background
  • Add transitions between slides to add interest
  • Locate commands on the toolbar and menu bar

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