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DIGITAL ART FOR KIDS: Students explore their inner artist using technology. Integrate computers with creative arts. Inspire young painters to create beautiful artwork with digital tools.

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Technology Integration: Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Graphics

Version: Windows

Program: Paint

Assignment 1 Become a Painter

Explore the program window. Form a connection between traditional and digital art tools.

Assignment 2 Pencil It

Develop fine motor skills. Learn how to draw freehand using a digital pencil.

Assignment 3 Fill It

Color objects with the paint bucket. Troubleshoot to fix drawings that cannot be filled.

Assignment 4 Design It

Make a coloring book page using a digital pencil. Trade pictures with a friend to color the picture.

Assignment 5 Keyboard It

Identify common keys on the keyboard such as the SHIFT key, BACKSPACE key, and spacebar.

Assignment 6 Try It

Discover the function and location of keys on the keyboard. Format font, font size, and font style.

Assignment 7 Name and Print It

Practice basic keyboard skills. Produce a picture using student name as the subject matter.

Assignment 8 Brush It

Experiment with different types of brushes to understand the effect of each style.

Assignment 9 Rainbow It

Gain confidence with using digital art tools including a brush, calligraphy pen, crayon, or marker.

Assignment 10 Smile It

Illustrate a happy scene. Magnify the canvas to add details.

Assignment 11 Explore It

Outline and fill colorful shapes. Adjust the size and position of objects.

Assignment 12 Stamp It

Create a unique pattern by formatting shapes and arranging them on the canvas.

Assignment 13 Study It

Spark inspiration by examining a collection of picture frames.

Assignment 14 Decorate and Save It

Apply artistic talents to paint a frame with an attractive pattern. Save the file.

Assignment 15 Picture It

Open the saved frame. Craft an original piece of art.

Assignment 16 Award It

Celebrate success with an Awesome Artist award.

Optional Digital Art Projects

  • Color It: Fill the picture with color.
  • Finish It: Follow directions to complete the painting.
  • Magnify It: Use the magnifier to edit the picture.
  • Construct It: Combine shapes to build objects.
  • Erase It: Create artwork using the eraser.
  • Edit It: Fix the mistake in the drawing.
  • Celebrate It: Showcase student work.

Terms of Use
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Digital Art for Kids Projects
Practice Skills using Reviews
Celebrate Learning
Resources Inspire Creativity

Create Colorful Artwork with Microsoft Paint

In TechnoPainter, primary students become painters with digital paint tools. The lessons explain how to produce beautiful artwork using Microsoft Office Paint. By applying their artistic talents, students earn an Awesome Artist certificate. Each assignment blends technology with visual arts. Students develop fine motor skills while learning essential computer knowledge such as how to open and close a program, set tool options, use the keyboard, print a document, save a file, and open a saved document.

  • Use digital art tools to respond to design challenges
  • Explore design elements: color, line, shape, texture
  • Integrate digital painting skills to create artwork
  • Develop fine motor skills to operate the mouse
  • Foster keyboarding skills
  • Open, close, save, and print a file
  • Use the pencil, brush, eraser, and bucket to draw
  • Adjust the magnification of an area
  • Produce a colorful geometric design with shapes
  • Design a frame and use it to make a picture

Customer Reviews

Primary students develop fundamental computer skills while creating beautiful artwork using Paint. They explore art tools and brush styles, and create geometric designs using shape outlines and fills. TechnoPainter includes templates and samples to assist and inspire young learners. Blend technology with visual arts using digital art for kids lessons.

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This step-by-step lesson guide is perfect for young students. So easy-to-follow and as much as teachers can modify to meet their class's needs, it's just a dream as is for when you need to leave plans for a substitute. My students LOVE the activities ... an all-time favourite is the colouring page activity whereby students create and save their own design (being mindful of closing their shapes) and then their classmates digitally colour them in, add their names, and save - impressive computer skills for grade 1, acquired through the lessons =) Since Paint is available online, even the youngest students can show off their skills at home too.

Julie M., Montreal, Roslyn

We are currently using your curriculum across our campus with great success. Thank you for your great service and awesome curriculum.

art lessons reviewer

J. Schaefer,
Tucson Country Day School,

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