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Introduce coding with Scratch Jr lessons. Design silly scenes, feed a pet monster, explore a magical land, and more!

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Project Includes:
Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, Customizable Resources, Assessment Tools, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Certificates
Tech Integration:
Computer Science, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Visual Arts
Tech Skill:
Animation, Programming
Scratch Jr

Students jump into the word of coding with TechnoWhiz Scratch coding lessons for beginners. They sequence blocks using Scratch Jr to build simple scripts and loops. Have fun! Design silly scenes, feed a pet monster, explore a magical land, race to the finish line, and more! The engaging Scratch coding lessons will spark students’ imaginations. Invite curious young minds to become whiz kids!

  • Fun-Filled Introduction to Programming
    Invite curious young minds to become programming whiz kids using Scratch Jr. The step-by-step Scratch coding lessons introduce basics to primary and elementary students in Grades 1-3 by snapping together graphical programming blocks. Activities have students animate silly scenes, feed a pet monster, explore a magical land, invent a far-away planet, and more!

  • Build Simple Scripts and Loops
    Develop computational thinking skills in a meaningful way. Learn how to sequence command blocks to control the action of characters. Build animations, collages, and games.

  • Scratch Coding for Beginners
    TechnoWhiz includes a digital Teacher Guide and Student Workbook with easy to follow instructions. Worksheets may be printed or used in PDF format. Resources include offline coding exercises, assessment tools, videos, and Scratch Jr flashcards.

  • Integrate Coding Into Curriculum
    Teach a multidisciplinary unit. Promote visual storytelling by designing exciting scenes with characters, setting, and plot. Apply mapping skills by giving directions to move an object from one point to another. Strengthen mathematical reasoning. Scratch coding lessons develop problem solving skills in a fun, motivating context.

  • Download ScratchJr For Free
    ScratchJr is a computer programming language that runs on iPads, Android tablets, and Chromebooks.

Session 1 Become a Whiz Kid

Students become programming whiz kids. Their first assignment is to sequence a series of tasks to learn about the job of a programmer. Next, they open Scratch Jr to investigate the function of many of the tools. By adding Motion blocks to the programming area, they learn how to code a character's movement. Next, they connect blocks together to form a script that sequences actions. Finally, students cause the script to loop. At the end of the session, they combine their coding skills to create a silly scene. It comes to life by combining a colorful background with moving characters.

Session 2 Count and Code

The programming whiz kids take the Counting Challenge. They learn to direct how many steps a character moves to reach a goal. To start, they solve puzzles to help the cat eat the cake, the dog get the ball, and the horse reach the barn. Next, they explore how to edit the Motion coding blocks to set the number of steps. Once they have mastered this skill, students build scripts to help characters get home. Can they do it?

Session 3 Create a Pet Monster Game

The programming whiz kids design a game. They build code that has a player feed a pet monster. To start, they create an opening sequence to attract attention. It has the character talk, grow, shrink, and blink. The action is controlled using the Wait and Repeat blocks. Afterwards, students apply their knowledge to add food to the stage that when clicked moves to the pet monster and then disappears. What does the pet monster like to eat?

Session 4 Design a Magical Land

The programming whiz kids design an interactive magical land. The game invites players to explore the place to discover surprises. By clicking on objects, they will cause flowers to grow, a sun to spin, or dragons to hop. The speed of the action is controlled to make it happen slow or fast. What amazing things are hidden in the scene?

Session 5 Race to the Finish

The programming whiz kids build a racing game. Players watch the action and then must select the winner. If they pick correctly, the racer will do a celebration dance. Who will reach the finish line first?

Session 6 Game Time

The programming whiz kids invite others to play their racing game. Players rate what they liked the most about the activity. Afterwards, the young game designers answer questions about coding the Scratch Jr project.

Optional Scratch Coding Lessons
  • X Marks the Spot: Control movement to design a treasure hunt.
  • Be a Gamer: Play a game to provide feedback.
  • Invent a Far Away Planet: Create the Planet of Twin. One twin moves fast, the other slow.
  • Hop to the Top: Code a hopping match that has the player identify the champ.
  • Paint a Background: Apply paint tools to edit or create a backdrop
  • I am a Programmer: Reflect upon the coding experience.
Scratch Coding for Beginners | Coding for Kids

Ignite an interest in computer science. The hands-on activities have students discover how to code using ScratchJr. They gain an understanding of essential programming concepts by building simple scripts and loops. Engage primary and elementary students by designing animations, collages, and games.

  • Recognize steps in a program are sequenced and they happen in order
  • Determine the coding blocks and values required to complete a task
  • Sequence the steps in a task using coding blocks
  • Build scripts that direct the movement, look, and timing of events
  • Edit a script by adding, editing, or deleting blocks
  • Set the appearance and movement of a character
  • Trigger a script to run using multiple methods
  • Control when or how fast an action happens
  • Loop a script or repeat an action
  • Identify the location of a character on the stage using x and y coordinates

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