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Develop an original game using Scratch. In the race, a player collects treasure to complete a mission before time is up.

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Project Includes:
Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, Customizable Resources, Assessment Tools, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Certificates
Tech Integration:
Computer Science, Math, Visual Arts
Tech Skill:
Graphics, Programming

In this project, students become game developers. They build an imaginary world using Scratch coding blocks. This online rescue mission has players race against time to collect points. Loops, conditionals, variables, and operators combine to produce original game play. Upon completion, gaming fans test the story action. For coders wanting an extra challenge, they can customize animation, create flashing backdrops, or increase difficulty level. Spark an interest in coding with game design for kids.

  • Scratch Coding Lessons
    Students develop an original game using Scratch lessons. Grade 5-12 students explore multiple ways to control game play. They build scripts that direct the player's movements, adjust the difficulty level, keep score, set a timer, and much more! This project is a fun, engaging way to teach Scratch programming concepts.

  • Differentiate Instruction
    TechnoRace provides enrichment opportunities to students with existing programming experience. Each Session ends with coding challenges. As well, there are numerous extension activities to enhance the game. For example, students can import a sprite or sound from an external source, have the player jump to hyper speed, or paint a new costume.

  • Game Design for Kids
    Assignments guide students through the game development process. Instead of copying code, students are encouraged to discover the function of coding blocks. As well, partial scripts engage learners and promote creativity.

  • Programming Curriculum Unit for Kids
    TechnoRace includes a digital Teacher Guide and Student Workbook with easy to follow instructions. Worksheets may be printed or used in PDF format. Example Scratch files are included. Assessment tools include a rubric, marking sheet, peer review, quizzes, coding journal, and a skill checklist.

Ideal for Computer Science, STEM, Coding, or Game Development Unit

TechnoRace has 21 assignments divided into six Sessions. The first three assignments introduce Scratch. Afterwards, all remaining assignments have the students develop an original game. Coding tasks increase in difficulty as they master computer science concepts. The gradual progression of skills means that no prior experience is required. Learn coding from Scratch.

Session 1 Start from Scratch

In session 1, students are introduced to Scratch, an online coding platform. To start, they explore the program to learn about common tools and terminology. Once familiar with the programming environment, students compete in a racing adventure. Afterwards, they experiment with the code to alter the player's experience. This exploration provides a foundation for building their own game.

Session 2 Become a Game Developer

In session 2, students become game developers. They invent a storyline for a rescue mission. In it, the player races against time to reach a goal. Along the way they must collect treasure and avoid obstacles. Once students have a plan, they begin to build the game board. First, they insert sprites onto the stage to act as the player, treasure, obstacle, and goal. Next, they use the Paint Editor to create an imaginary world. Afterwards, they build a simple script that will play theme music throughout the game.

Session 3 Let's Get Moving

In Session 3, students create game controls. The fun starts with an exploration of Motion blocks. They build a script that moves the goal sprite, so it attracts attention. Next, the game developers transfer their knowledge to build controls using the arrow keys. Once the player can move around the imaginary world, students learn how to use logic to prevent walking through objects. Students in need of a challenge can build a script that teleports or launches the player at hyper speed. It is time to get moving!

Session 4 Avoid Obstacles to Win

In session 4, students test the player's skill by restricting their movements. To begin, they code a looping script that moves a sprite on the stage so that it temporarily blocks the player. Next, the game developers design code that causes the player to slow down if it touches the obstacle. With this script complete, students apply their knowledge to stop the game when the player reaches its goal. For those wanting to add even more interest, they can switch backgrounds when two sprites collide, or the game is over.

Session 5 Collect Treasure

In session 5, students design scripts that allow the player to collect points. The first task is an exploration of the Looks blocks to change the appearance of treasure, so players take notice. Next, students learn about variables. They apply this knowledge to calculate points when a player touches an object such as a coin or jewel. To enhance the game, students can elect to use the Paint Editor to customize the animation of a sprite.

Session 6 Time is Up

In session 6, students complete the game by adding a timer to increase the difficulty level. They apply their knowledge of variables to build scripts that track time. When a limit is met the game ends. Upon completion, students invite others to test the story action and provide feedback. It is going to be a race to the finish!

Optional Scratch Coding for Kids Lessons
  • Digital Footprints in Scratch
  • Upload a Sprite
  • Jump to Hyper Speed
  • Flash a Backdrop
  • Paint a New Costume
  • Add Comments
Scratch Coding Lessons for Kids in Grades 5-12

The programming lessons in TechnoRace are fun for children in elementary, middle, or high school. The step-by-step instructions explain how to develop a racing game using Scratch. The open-ended activities engage learners' creativity and problem solving skills. Each final game is one-of-a-kind! Inspire young coders with game design activities for kids.

  • Develop a race game using Scratch coding blocks
  • Code sequences, events, loops, and conditionals
  • Divide problems into parts to simplify game design
  • Form a detailed plan including plot, setting, and characters
  • Test and debug code
  • Edit code in a game to understand how scripts work
  • Create a game that use variables to store and modify data
  • Apply computational thinking to solve problems
  • Collaborate to get feedback and improve game design
  • Reflect on the experience using a coding journal

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