UNIQUE TIMELINE LESSON PLANS FOR KIDS: Increase student engagement with a one-of-a-kind technology project. Students use presentation software to explain the importance of a remarkable person, time period, or event of their choice. Hook student interest and build computer skills.

INTEGRATE SOCIAL STUDIES AND COMPUTERS: Kickstart an interest in history. Boost critical thinking skills as students study a significant milestone or notable figure in time. They plan and arrange research findings, analyze and determine salient facts, then produce a graphic organizer in a slide show timeline.

ESSENTIAL STEM, ICT, AND CTE TOOLS: Develop key technology skills for careers of the future. Teach computer, curriculum, and personal skills all in one fun project. Students learn advanced presentation skills, engage in the inquiry process, and cultivate core soft skills such as communication, organization, problem solving, and confidence.

COMPLETE DIGITAL RESOURCES FOR TEACHERS: TechnoTimeline includes everything you need: Teacher Guide and Student Workbook in PDF format, Summary of Skills, Checklists, Assessment Tools, Templates, and a variety of samples to inspire and motivate young learners.

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Technology Integration: Geography, History, Social Studies

Technology Skill: Publishing, Graphics, Presentation, Word Processing

Version: Google, Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office Online

Program: PowerPoint, Word, Docs, Slides

Assignment 1: What is a Timeline?

Examine timelines to gain an understanding of how a graphic organizer summarizes key events.

Assignment 2: Brainstorm a Topic

Formulate a plan for building a timeline. Select a timeline type and determine a topic.

Assignment 3: Organize Research Findings

Research significant events. Organize findings in a document.

Assignment 4: Start to Make the Timeline Slide

Customize a slide for a timeline. Set the slide size, layout, and theme. Apply a slide background.

Assignment 5: Organize Events using SmartArt/Objects

Customize a slide for a timeline. Set the slide size, layout, and theme. Apply a slide background.

Assignment 6: Highlight Events in the Timeline

Emphasize a critical moment or turning point. Illustrate timeline events using pictures.

Assignment 7: Use a Checklist to Edit the Timeline

Self-evaluate the timeline using a checklist. Revise the content and design.

Assignment 8: Share Timeline to Get Feedback

Peer review a friend's timeline. Comment to offer feedback. Use suggestions to improve timeline.

Assignment 9: Share Timeline with Others

Celebrate a historical period. Print the timeline or present information to an audience.

Optional Timeline Lesson Plan Activities

  • Is it Significant? Learn to judge the importance of events.
  • Drawing Workshop: Practice drawing and formatting shapes.
  • Highlight Events using Saved Images: Use design tips to work with images.
  • Zoomable Timeline: Zoom to learn about a special event. (PowerPoint 2016)

NOTE: Assignment titles and sequence vary slightly between the Microsoft and Google versions. Select extension activities are not available for all product versions.

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Timeline Lesson Plan
Integrate Technology into Curriculum
Explain Historical Importance
Peer Edit using Comments

Form Connections using Timeline Lesson Plans

Timeline lesson plans begin with samples to inspire students. Next, they research a topic and record findings using an organizer. Once the important moments have been pinpointed, Google Slides or PowerPoint is used to create a graphic display. Upon completion, the sequence of events is shared with others. Topic suggestions are provided including autobiography, family, biography, historical, and book plot timelines.

  • Understand the purpose of a timeline
  • Use technology to conduct research
  • Analyze data to recognize the importance of events
  • Organize events using a timeline
  • Form connections between people and events
  • Apply a slide background
  • Produce a timeline using shapes or a SmartArt graphic
  • Format objects to produce an attractive graphic organizer
  • Share a file and set permissions
  • Post and read comments

Customer Reviews

Students create a timeline that explains significant events. Using either Google Slides or PowerPoint, they organize information in chronological order. The project can be used to identify important events, develop an understanding of a historical period, study changes over time, or analyze causal relationships. Timeline lesson plans integrate technology with history, geography, or social studies.

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Just want to say thank you for all of your assistance. I love the units and my students really enjoy them.

Y. Yancey, Clarksville, TN, West Creek Middle School


Techno Timeline was a hit with my 8th grade students in the Digital Literacy class. Students researched significant events that happened throughout the years on their birthday (month and day). I will definitely use this again with my students next semester! Thank you TechnoKids for quality curriculum!

Jean M, Acton, RJ Grey Junior High School

I have found your product to be the tool needed to teach my students the skills they will use throughout their schooling and career.

Google slides activities reviewer

T. Pigg,
Christian Fellowship School,

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