FUN WORD PROCESSING FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL: Kindle student interest. Create a newsletter for a target audience. Learn advanced skills – reference sources with footnotes, add headers, footers, numbering and page breaks, change layout, adjust spacing, use tables to organize information, and lots more!

INTEGRATE TECHNOLOGY WITH PROJECT-BASED LESSONS: Construct a professional-looking newsletter based on a fan club, environmental issue, social science topic, school events, novel study, or any curriculum theme. Blend STEM skills using any subject area or personal interest.

GOOGLE DOCS OR MICROSOFT WORD: Pick the version to fit the software in your school. Then print, PDF, and/or share the publication electronically.

STANDARDS-BASED CURRICULUM: All TechnoKids projects are aligned with both Common Core and International Society of Technology Education standards. Identify and track benchmarks easily using TechnoKids correlation documents.

SCAFFOLDED LEARNING: Students begin by critically examining sample newsletters, then formulate a plan using guided questions. Newsletter contents include an article sharing personal insights, a word search, and an opinion article to defend a viewpoint.

Technology Integration: History, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

Technology Skill: Word Processing

Version: Google, Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office Online

Program: Word, Docs

Assignment 1: FANtastic Newsletter

Study sample newsletters to learn about the content. Brainstorm topics for a fan club.

Assignment 2: Start a Fan Club

Propose ideas for a fan club newsletter. Formulate a plan using guiding questions.

Assignment 3: Create the Front Cover - Phase 1

Begin a newsletter cover. Format the title and arrange article names in a bulleted list.

Assignment 4: Create the Front Cover - Phase 2

Enhance the cover by inserting a picture and hyperlink. Lay out the content to fit on one page.

Assignment 5: Top 5 List

Share insights in an article that will grab fan’s attention. Arrange text using a numbered list.

Assignment 6: Design a Word Search

Construct a word search of topic-related terminology using a table to position content.

Assignment 7: Make a Word Search Answer Key

Reconstruct content by copying a table and filling cells to form a word search answer key.

Assignment 8: Organize Ideas for Opinion Article

Defend a viewpoint. Establish arguments with evidence for an article that will sway opinion.

Assignment 9: Share Your Opinion

Express a point of view using supporting quotes. Reference quotes using footnotes.

Assignment 10: Complete the Newsletter

Prepare the newsletter for publication by inserting page numbers, headers, and footers.

Assignment 11: Share Newsletter with Readers

Publish the newsletter in print or digital form. Distribute to fans.

Optional Google Docs or Microsoft Word Lesson Plans

  • Picture Workshop: Explore methods to insert images.
  • Create a Collage: Create a collage using Windows Photo Gallery or an online service.
  • Keep Writing: 15 additional article ideas.
  • Commenting Activity: Share with fans.
  • Insert Quotes: Use the Research Tool to insert a quote and footnote. *Google Docs only

Terms of Use
Use TechnoNewsletter with unlimited users at your site. A site is a physical location such as classroom, school, learning center, daycare, library, or home. If you teach at multiple sites, you will need to purchase one set for each location. Access everything you need from TechnoHub, and transfer the files to all devices at your site. View the PDF teacher guides and workbooks digitally or print as many as you need. Files CANNOT be posted in public domain.

Create a Newsletter
Google Docs Microsoft Word Lesson Plans
Teach Word Processing Skills
Extension Activities Challenge Students

Word Processing Activities using Google Docs or Microsoft Word Lesson Plans

Use TechnoNewsletter to teach essential word processing skills to middle school or high school students as part of a computer studies class. Or integrate the activities into a language arts, history, social studies, or science unit. Discover how to make a professional-looking publication using Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

  • Design a publication for a target audience
  • Organize ideas using a planning sheet
  • Write articles expressing a viewpoint
  • Revise writing to correct errors
  • Share a publication in print or electronically
  • Adjust line and paragraph spacing
  • Reference information sources with footnotes
  • Copy, paste, find, and replace text
  • Organize content using tables
  • Insert page breaks, page numbers, headers, and footers

Customer Reviews

Create a fan club newsletter using Google Docs or Microsoft Word lesson plans. Learn valuable word processing skills such as formatting text, arranging objects, adjusting page layout, working with tables, referencing information sources, and inserting headers or footers. Challenging enrichment activities support learning with optional assignments that explain how to work with images, create a collage, co-author an article, or engage in an online discussion.

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My 6th grade students love it! Everything needed for this project is included. Thank you for your wonderful products.

Kathryn H, West Melbourne FL, Educational Horizons Charter School


I use TechnoKids projects in my Microsoft Applications class. The students enjoy the lessons and learn things about Microsoft Word that they didn't know they could do. Very user friendly for both the teacher and student.

Bev G., Martinsville, IL, Martinsville High School


I love your products and they really make learning the programs fun.

E. Diluciano, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada, St. Theresa of Lisieux CHS


The curriculum is exceptionally good with very easy to follow directions for the students. My classes are constantly saying “Whoa!” when they find out something that Word can do. It’s very exciting and we are expanding it into 2 electives next year for our students because it is going to well.

R. Albrecht, Lancaster, CA, USA, Del Sur School


My students enjoy the projects and I love having a prepared curriculum. What a time saver! Project based learning is the best. The students have fun with the projects, yet learn new techniques and applications at the same time.

M. Ward, Smithfield, NC, USA, Neuse Charter School


I really love using the projects with my students and they enjoy them as well.

M. Taft, RI, USA, Portsmouth Middle School


We love the TechnoKids curriculum! It's flexible, easy to use, and the kids really learn the skills. There is also an abundance of activities and materials...way more that I can use in the limited time I have with the students...which is a GREAT thing!

J. Kramer , WI, USA, Indian Mound Middle School


It worked out very well. I’ll be using it next semester also.

A. Marable , MD, USA, Ridgeview Middle School

I appreciate all that you do and I love the TechnoKids materials.

google docs lessons reviewer

K. Moraes,
Poquessing Middle School,
Richboro, PA, USA

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