Technology Integration: Geography, Health, History, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

Technology Skill: Presentation

Program: Microsoft Office, Word, PowerPoint, Google, Google Slides, Office Online, Word Online, PowerPoint Online

Includes: Introduction to Google Slides or PowerPoint | Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Lessons: Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Extension Activities

Handouts and Assessment Tools: TechnoPresenter Parent Letter, TechnoPresenter Certificate, Presenter Skill Summary, Presentation Checklist, Peer Editing Checklist, Presentation Rubric

Samples: Diamonds, Mummy, Vegetables

STEM Integration Lessons: public speaking and research with presentation technology skills

Assignment 1: Oral Presentations and Public Speaking

Recognize the purpose of oral presentations. Rate public speaking readiness.

Assignment 2: Study Presentations

Examine a sample presentation to develop an understanding of the content, layout, and design.

Assignment 3: Select a Topic, Write a Research Question

Organize ideas using a planning sheet. Select audience and topic. Formulate research question.

Assignment 4: Make a Title Slide

Create a title slide. Apply a theme to produce a consistent style. Format text and images.

Assignment 5:Create an Information Slide

Summarize essential information on a slide using a bulleted list. Elaborate using the notes pane.

Assignment 6: Build a Table of Fun Facts

Classify facts into categories using a table. Expand upon a key point using the notes pane.

Assignment 7: Decorate Slides

Capture audience attention. Enhance slides and emphasize information using graphic objects.

Assignment 8: Presentation Checklist

Self-evaluate slideshow quality. Revise the presentation to improve appearance and clarity.

Assignment 9: Rehearse with Speaker Notes

Practice public speaking by presenting with digital or printed speaker notes.

Assignment 10: Give an Oral Presentation

Communicate research findings. Engage the audience using a slideshow as a visual aid.

Optional Public Speaking Lessons

  • Work Together: Collaborate with a friend. Create a joint presentation.
  • Insert a Video: Embed a video from YouTube.
  • Create a Graphic Organizer: Use a graphical layout with shapes.
  • Animate Information: Control the flow of information with animation.
  • Presentation Rehearsal: Practice in front of a small group. Receive feedback.
  • Body Language Skits: Learn about effective non-verbal communication.
  • Ask an Expert: Share presentation as a link. Peers ask questions.
Give an Oral Presentation
Public Speaking Lessons
Research a Topic
Present with Speaker Notes

Integrate Public Speaking Lessons with Research and Presentation Skills

TechnoPresenter public speaking lessons are ideal for students in Grades 3-8. Elementary or middle school students give an oral presentation on any area of study including a topic from science, social studies, history, geography, or health curriculum. The activities introduce essential skills and provide a foundation for future learning.

  • Develop public speaking skills
  • Understand copyright and plagiarism
  • Formulate a question and investigate findings
  • Research using informational text
  • Present information to an audience using a slide show as a visual aid
  • Communicate facts using a bulleted list
  • Build a table to sort facts into categories
  • Enhance slides and emphasize a point with images, shapes, or word art
  • Document information sources
  • Add speaker notes to slides to add extra details

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Use TechnoPresenter public speaking lessons to integrate research and technology skills. An inquiry-based approach is used to formulate and investigate a question. The topic is researched and facts are organized in a bulleted list and table. To prepare for public speaking, students follow instructions to write a set of notes that accompany each slide. Upon completion, findings are communicated to an audience in an oral presentation. Additional teaching ideas explain how to collaborate with a partner, insert a video, create a graphic organizer, or animate text.

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It is an amazing project. I used it with grade six students, who chose an issue to talk about after brainstorming. They worked in groups to prepare, design, and give presentations to their friends. It was a great experience that included internet topic search, development of powerpoint skills, and most importantly working in teams.

Malak, Computer Coordinator, Kora Al Assad, Damascus, Syria, Al Bashaer School

I love the projects and the easy to use directions.

google slides reviewer

R. Albrecht,
Del Sur School,
Lancaster, CA, USA

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