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UNIQUE DIGITAL CLASSROOM DEBATE: Use Google Slides or PowerPoint Online to host a debate. Students take opposing positions on an issue in a slide show, support their view with researched facts, and respond to a countering argument with a rebuttal in words and images. Audience members use online comments to ask questions and evaluate the more convincing case.

BUILD CRITICAL THINKING AND COLLABORATION: Empower students with essential life and employability skills. Step-by-step, focused activities teach teens to create balanced and informed arguments, use logical reasoning and supporting evidence, and develop effective communication skills.

ACTIVE, LEARNER-CENTERED LESSONS: Workbook in PDF format allows students to develop independent work habits. Samples provide inspiration. Sentence starters model exemplary debate wording. Checklists hone organizational skills. Teacher Guide provides strategies, ideas, and assessment tools.

PROMOTE STEM and CTE: Blend technology with curriculum. Pick a topic from social studies, science, history, novel study, or any subject area to form opposing viewpoints. Encourage an appreciation and acceptance of multiple perspectives. Cultivate career skills such as teamwork, problem solving, persuasive writing, and self-directed learning.

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Technology Integration: History, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

Technology Skill: Presentation, Word Processing

Version: Google, Office Online

Program: PowerPoint, Word, Docs, Slides

Assignment 1: What is a Debate?

Rate your ability to persuade others. Evaluate the effectiveness of arguments in sample debates.

Assignment 2: Brainstorm a Topic for your Debate

Partner up. Refer to a list of controversial issues. Negotiate to select a topic and position.

Assignment 3: Plan Arguments

Investigate the topic to develop an argument. Research evidence to support points.

Assignment 4: Invite a Partner to Debate

Share a file. Collaborate to create a title slide together.

Assignment 5: Take a Stand

State resolution. Clearly outline a position using a clip art character and callout on a slide.

Assignment 6: Present a Persuasive Argument

Prepare a constructive speech. Design slides that present three reasons an opinion is correct.

Assignment 7: Prepare a Rebuttal

Review opponent’s argument. Refute their weakest claim in a counter-argument.

Assignment 8: Summarize Ideas

Restate your arguments to convince an audience to agree with a viewpoint.

Assignment 9: Design an Animated Conversation

Animate callout bubbles to produce a dynamic conversation. Apply transitions to divide debate.

Assignment 10: Debate Checklist

Inspect the debate to confirm it is complete. Revise the structure, content, or design.

Assignment 11: Invite Audience Participation

Host a public debate. Allow viewers to ask questions about each viewpoint using Comments.

Assignment 12: Respond to Audience Questions

Defend a position by replying to viewer questions in a cross-examination.

Optional Classroom Debate Lessons

  • Debate Topics: Activities to select a controversial issue to debate.
  • Insert a Character Workshop: Discover multiple methods to insert images.
  • Cross Examine your Opponent: Have each side ask a question.
  • Judge Debate: Declare a "winner" of the debate. Who made a more convincing argument?

Terms of Use
Use TechnoDebate with unlimited users at your site. A site is a physical location such as classroom, school, learning center, daycare, library, or home. If you teach at multiple sites, you will need to purchase one set for each location. Access everything you need from TechnoHub, and transfer the files to all devices at your site. View the PDF teacher guides and workbooks digitally or print as many as you need. Files CANNOT be posted in public domain.

Host a Classroom Debate
Debate Lesson Plans Develop Critical Thinking
Research to Build a Logical Argument
Collaborate with Others

Host a Classroom Debate using Google Slides or PowerPoint

Integrate debate lesson plans into curriculum. This technology project can be used to develop critical thinking, persuasive writing techniques, collaboration skills, and an appreciation of multiple viewpoints. Students can debate on a wide range of topics. Explore citizenship, democracy, ethics, advocacy, history, or environmental stewardship. What does your community require? Is a rule fair? Is a decision justified? What needs to change? What plan is better? Was a historical decision fair to all stakeholders? Is economic growth or the environment more important?

  • Understand the purpose of a debate
  • Examine different perspectives
  • Research to develop a logical argument
  • Express a viewpoint concisely and clearly
  • Support arguments with relevant evidence
  • Evaluate ideas to rebut an argument
  • Use persuasive language to sway opinions
  • Work collaboratively to produce a debate
  • Share a file and set permissions
  • Post, read, and reply to questions using Comments

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Students collaborate with a partner to create an animated debate. Using clip art characters and callout bubbles, each side states their resolution, presents a constructive speech, delivers a counter argument in a rebuttal, and summarizes their position. Cross-examination is done at the end of the debate by audience members using Commenting. Optional classroom debate activities allow participants to cross-examine opponents and judge to select a winner.

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