Microsoft Complete Package: Microsoft Plus + Office 365 Projects


Technology Integration: Business Studies, Computer, Drama, Geography, Health, History, Language Arts, Math, Media Arts, Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Animation, Blogging, Data Management, Database, Desktop Publishing, Digital Citizenship, Graphics, Internet, Photo Editing, Presentation, Programming, Spreadsheet, Video Production, Word Processing

Program: Access, Blog Service, Excel, Excel Survey, KID PIX 3D, Microsoft Office, Movie Maker, Notepad, Office 365 Online, Paint, PowerPoint, PowerPoint Online, Publisher, Word, Word Online

Includes: Package includes more than 50 technology projects for Microsoft Office, Office 365 Online, Adobe, and more! Each project includes a teacher guide, workbook, and resource files. Resource files are samples, templates, assessment tools, parent letters, and certificates.

The Microsoft Complete Package combines the Microsoft Plus Package with the Office 365 Online Package to give you everything you need to integrate technology into learning experiences.

MICROSOFT Plus Technology Projects:

15 Primary Microsoft Plus Technology Projects
TechnoAnimal: Create a multimedia report about an animal
TechnoAuthor: Write a fairy tale and illustrate the story
TechnoBook: Make simple books
TechnoCelebrate: Celebrate traditions around the world
TechnoCity: Present information about a community
TechnoCop: Solve silly crimes
TechnoFit: Take the "Be Fit Challenge"
TechnoPainter: Spark creativity! Paint colorful artwork
TechnoStart: Earn a computer operator license
KID PIX Activity Book: 20+ KID PIX activities
TechnoBasics: Learn computer fundamentals
TechnoColors: Explore digital paint tools
TechnoLetters: Have fun with letters
TechnoNumbers: Practice number recognition and counting
TechnoShapes: Identify and recognize shapes in familiar objects

12 Junior Microsoft Plus Technology Projects
TechnoBiz: Develop a plan to increase candy sales
TechnoCorrespondent: Travel to a distant location and report the facts
TechnoDrama: Produce a video to create a modern nursery rhyme
TechnoHero: Create a tribute for a significant person
TechnoInternet: Discover the Internet as a responsible digital citizen
TechnoLink: Design a web page that has links to places on the WWW
TechnoMovie: Produce an animated adventure story
TechnoMummy: Become an Egyptologist by studying artifacts
TechnoPoet: Compose poetry to create a fun booklet
TechnoQuest: Learn medieval facts to save the kingdom
TechnoReport: Research endangered species and write a report
TechnoSales: Plan a bake sale to learn spreadsheet skills

14 Intermediate Microsoft Plus Technology Projects
TechnoBlog: Become a blogger Write and comment on posts
TechnoCEO: Operate a business Promote it as an investment opportunity
TechnoClue: Solve mysteries by analyzing clues. Who did it?
TechnoCommercial: Produce a commercial and build media literacy.
TechnoEditor: Revise a collection of poems, short stories, and comics.
TechnoEntrepreneur: Launch a successful business venture.
TechnoEnvironment: Raise environmental awareness.
TechnoEzine: Design an interactive teen magazine.
TechnoFuture: Write a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story.
TechnoHTML: Construct a web page with HTML and CSS.
TechnoInvestor: Buy and sell stocks in a stock market simulation.
TechnoMission: Construct a simple database.
TechnoNovel: Create an animated book report.
TechnoTravel: Promote a weekend getaway.

6 Senior Microsoft Plus Technology Projects
TechnoAdvertise: Create advertising materials using Word.
TechnoWonderland: Use all of MS Office programs to promote a theme park.
TechnoPlanner: Build a database for a party planning business.
TechnoSpecialist: Design a presentation about IT hardware.
TechnoAnimate: Produce an animated story.
TechnoPhotoshop: Learn photo editing and create a digital scrapbook.

OFFICE 365 ONLINE Technology Projects:

17 Office 365 Online Technology Projects for Grades 1 - 12

TechnoStart: Earn a Computer Operator License. Computer fundamentals for beginners.

TechnoMe: Make an All About Me slide show using a PowerPoint Online template.

TechnoStories: Write, edit, and illustrate stories using templates in Word Online.

TechnoBookmaking: Make, print, and share books. Create folding, flap, and accordion books.

TechnoJournal: Journal to express ideas using Word Online.

TechnoInternet: Develop search strategies and practice responsible digital citizenship.

TechnoPresenter: Present information using a slide show created in PowerPoint Online.

TechnoCandy: Develop a plan to boost candy sales with the help of Excel Online.

TechnoResearch: Develop research skills to create a Fun Fact Card in Word Online.

TechnoToon: Animate a story in the style of a cartoon or comic strip using PowerPoint Online.

TechnoTimeline: Explain the importance of historical events using PowerPoint Online.

TechnoNewsletter: Create a fan club newsletter in Word Online.

TechnoRestaurateur: Operate a successful restaurant with the help of Office 365 Apps.

TechnoBudget: Draft a spending plan in Excel Online. Justify decisions in a Word Online report.

TechnoBiography: Become a biographer detailing a remarkable person's life using Word Online.

TechnoMap: Design an interactive map about a location using PowerPoint Online.

TechnoDebate: Debate the pros and cons of a controversial issue using PowerPoint Online.

Over 40 Microsoft Plus Projects
15 Office 365 Online Projects
Project Based Learning
Integrate Technology

Project Based Activities with Lessons for Microsoft Office and Office 365 Online

Integrate technology into learning. Have students write stories, create presentations, produce a digital story, design a newsletter, research information, graph data, and more using Microsoft Office and Office 365 Online.

  • Integrate technology into learning
  • Design publications that express ideas
  • Organize, analyze, and communicate information
  • Collaborate with peers
  • Share a publication in print or electronically
  • Promote responsible digital citizenship
  • Foster media and financial literacy
  • Inspire creativity and innovative thinking
  • Apply problem solving strategies
  • Develop inquiry and critical thinking skills

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The Microsoft Complete Package combines the Microsoft Plus Package with the Office 365 Online Package to give you everything you need to integrate technology into learning experiences.


  • MICROSOFT PLUS PRIMARY SET - TechnoAnimal, TechnoAuthor, TechnoBasics, TechnoBook, TechnoCelebrate, TechnoCity, TechnoColors, TechnoCop, TechnoFit, TechnoLetters, TechnoNumbers, TechnoPainter, TechnoStart, and TechnoShapes, and a Kid Pix Activity Book.
  • MICROSOFT PLUS JUNIOR SET - TechnoBiz, TechnoCorrespondent, TechnoDrama, TechnoInternet, TechnoHero, TechnoLink, TechnoMovie, TechnoMummy, TechnoPoet, TechnoQuest, TechnoReport, TechnoSales.
  • MICROSOFT PLUS INTERMEDIATE SET - TechnoBlog, TechnoCEO, TechnoClue, TechnoCommercial, TechnoEditor, TechnoEntrepreneur, TechnoEnvironment, TechnoEzine, TechnoFuture, TechnoHTML5, TechnoInvestor, TechnoMission, TechnoNovel, and TechnoTravel.
  • MICROSOFT PLUS SENIOR SET - TechnoAdvertise, TechnoAnimate, TechnoPhotoshop, TechnoPlanner, TechnoSpecialist, and TechnoWonderland.

OFFICE 365 ONLINE PACKAGE includes: TechnoStart, TechnoMe, TechnoStories, TechnoBookmaking, TechnoJournal, TechnoInternet, TechnoPresenter, TechnoCandy, TechnoResearch, TechnoToon, TechnoBiography, TechnoTimeline, TechnoNewsletter, TechnoRestaurateur, TechnoMap, TechnoDebate, and TechnoBudget.

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I have been using the Primary and Junior set of projects for the past 2 years and I love everything about them. The lesson plans are easy to follow and the students enjoy creating these amazing projects. I think my favorite so far is the TechnoSales that I do with my 4th graders. They are awed by all the things an Excel Spreadsheet can do!

Deanna Maddock, Lynnwood, WA, St. Thomas More

I have been using TechnoKids for 3 years throughout the entire school. The instructions are clear and well illustrated as well as covering all the computer applications important to a life long learner.

microsoft office office 365 activities reviewer

Melanie S.
Lee Academy,
Clarksdale, MS

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