Technology Integration: Geography, History, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

Technology Skill: Internet, Word Processing

Program: Google Apps, Google Docs, Office 365 Online, Word Online

Includes: Research Lesson Plans for Grades 3-9, Google Docs or Office 365 Word Processing Activities, Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Extension Activities, Research Parent Letter, Research Certificate, Research Self Evaluation, Research Skill Summary, Fact Card Checklist, Fact Card Marking Sheet, Sample Fact Cards

Assignment 1: Study the Fun Fact Card Collection

Assess research skills. Study fact cards to gain an understanding of the research project.

Assignment 2: Broaden then Narrow your Topic

Use Research tool and/or Wikipedia to gain ideas. Build a word list. Ask questions to narrow focus.

Assignment 3: Organize Ideas and Create an Outline

Organize ideas. Create an outline with headings in Google Docs or Word Online.

Assignment 4: Find Facts using an Online Encyclopedia

Use an online encyclopedia to gather facts. Track the source of information.

Assignment 5: Research a Topic using Google Search

Research a topic using Google Search. Apply strategies to find trustworthy information quickly.

Assignment 6: Create a Glossary of Terms

Make a glossary using the Define tool in Google Docs or online dictionaries.

Assignment 7: Transform the Outline into a Fact Card

Paraphrase facts by rewriting them using simple sentences that are easy to read and understand.

Assignment 8: Format the Text to Make it Easy to Read

Format font, create a bulleted list, adjust line spacing, and indent lines to lay out text on the page.

Assignment 9: Adjust Page Layout and Arrange Images

Adjust the orientation, margins, and/or page color. Add images and format the appearance.

Assignment 10: Fact Card Checklist

Complete checklist, then have a peer review the fact card. Make revisions based on assessment.

Assignment 11: Create a Fun Fact Card Collection

Print the fact card or email/copy a link. Share collection with others.

Assignment 12: Research Self-Reflection

Reflect upon learning. Make connections to how skills can be applied to future situations.

Optional Google Docs or Word Online Research Activities

  • Save Time! Skim and Scan: Apply tips to understand the main point and find specific facts.
  • Cite Sources of Information: Understand citations. Use online generator or Research Tool.
  • Explore Google Search: Filter results, find exact phrases, exclude words, and define terms.
  • Use Primary and Secondary Sources: Compare sources to understand their usefulness.
  • Arrange Fact Card using a Table: Use cells to lay out text and images in a columnar design.
Create a Fact Card using Google Docs or Office 365
Apply Stages of the Research Process
Integrate Research into any Curriculum Unit
Challenge Students with Extension Activities

Systematically Teach Research Skills to Elementary and Middle School Students

Engage in the stages of the research process. Plan, retrieve, process, share, and evaluate information. Learn to use online encyclopedias, dictionaries, and Google Search. Develop an understanding of plagiarism, citing the source, and tips for paraphrasing text. Apply word processing skills by creating a fact card. Learn to format text, arrange images, adjust page setup, and work with table cells. The goal of this project is to teach skills that are transferable to any research project.

  • Identify audience and presentation format
  • Formulate a plan to guide research
  • Gather information using research strategies
  • Assess the quality of information
  • Classify facts using an outline
  • Define terminology in a glossary
  • Cite the source using a proper format
  • Paraphrase facts to avoid plagiarism
  • Share information with an audience
  • Apply word processing skills to create a fact card

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Develop research skills by creating a Fact Card. Elementary and middle school students brainstorm a topic and plan their research project. Next, they use strategies to retrieve quality information from reliable sources. The facts are then processed using paraphrasing techniques to transform an outline into a one sheet report. The publication is shared with others as a part of a Fun Fact Card Collection. Extension activities challenge students to develop skimming and scanning techniques, practice advanced research strategies, arrange facts in a table, and recognize primary and secondary sources of information.

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This is such a wonderful way for students to learn how to use the Research Tool in Google Docs. This unit also guides students to be smarter and better researchers.

Kim N., Tullahoma, West Middle School

I am so happy your company is developing assignments that work with Google Apps. I am loving them. Keep them coming.

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