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Investigate an issue. Conduct a Google Forms survey to track popular opinion, display data, and interpret results.

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Project Includes:
Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, Customizable Resources, Assessment Tools, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Certificates
Tech Integration:
Math, Science
Tech Skill:
Data Management, Spreadsheet
Forms, Sheets

Students design a questionnaire to research an important issue using a Google Forms survey. Results from their peers are collected and analyzed. Spreadsheet skills are developed as they organize, format, and display data in a report. In a culminating oral presentation, students explain and interpret their findings using the survey information to support their conclusions.

  • Google Forms Survey Lessons
    Motivate middle or high school students with a personally meaningful project. Engage learners as they pick an authentic issue and design a questionnaire to research opinions of a sample group.

  • Empower Students With Real-World Challenges
    Actively involve students in their learning. Make a technology project relevant by constructing an authentic survey using Google Forms. Sample surveys include an investigation of school spirit days, a probe into use of social media, and an inquiry into reading habits.

  • Build Collaboration Skills
    As students design a questionnaire, they consider the viewpoint of a target audience. Then they conduct a pre-test to consult peers and request feedback. Final survey results are analyzed, and findings are communicated in an oral presentation.

  • Develop Critical Thinking
    Guiding questions help students to critique research design, consider sample bias, avoid question bias, and reflect on survey limitations.

  • Teach the Research Process
    This project is divided into eight steps. From setting a purpose and picking a sample, to building the survey using Google Forms, through to examining and reporting the results, these essential skills can be applied to countless future research tasks.

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Assignment 1 What is a Survey Questionnaire?

Understand the purpose of a survey. Introduce terminology (e.g. population, sample, bias)

Assignment 2 Compare a Poll and a Survey

Participate in a Reading Habits poll and survey. Compare these two methods of gathering data.

Assignment 3 Study Survey Results

Analyze data from Reading Habits survey.

Assignment 4 Create a School Spirit Survey

Build a survey to learn how to create questions, specify properties, and invite responses.

Assignment 5 Organize Ideas for a Survey Questionnaire

Determine the purpose, sample, data collection method, and questions for questionnaire.

Assignment 6 Build a Survey

Construct a questionnaire that effectively sequences the questions and controls data entry.

Assignment 7 Conduct a Pre-Test

Consult a peer about the design and content of the questionnaire. Implement recommendations.

Assignment 8 Collect Survey Results

Administer the questionnaire to a sample group of respondents.

Assignment 9 View Survey Results

Summarize the results in a report. Manipulate the data using a spreadsheet.

Assignment 10 Analyze Survey Results

Interpret the findings. Draw conclusions about the application of results. Critique research design.

Assignment 11 Present Findings to a Jury of Your Peers

Convey results and their importance to an audience. Provide evidence of conclusions.

Optional Google Forms Survey Lessons
  • What is Sample Bias? Select the correct sampling technique.
  • What is Question Bias? Avoid bias with well-phrased questions.
  • Brainstorm Survey Ideas: Generate a research question.
  • Compare Results with a Pivot Table or Chart: Compare data from subgroups.
Design a Questionnaire | Google Forms Survey

Students become researchers. They develop their own research question, select a sample, and construct a survey using Google Forms lesson plans. A pre-test is used to improve the design. The survey questionnaire is then administered to the sample group. Research findings are shared with a jury of peers in an oral presentation.

  • Understand the purpose of a survey
  • Investigate a research question
  • Select a sample from the population
  • Identify bias in data collection methods
  • Design questions to gather data
  • Conduct a pretest to improve survey design
  • Administer a survey to gather data
  • Display data in charts, tables, and graphs
  • Interpret results to draw conclusions
  • Summarize findings in a report

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Every TechnoKids Curriculum project I've used has the most detailed instructions, user friendly instructions and well laid out (with images) examples possible. It's easy to see that teachers have created all of the curriculum.

D. Roadman, Acton, MA, USA, RJ Grey Junior High
June 27, 2016

I am looking forward to seeing what your company designs for Google Docs. My school just started using Google Apps this year, so I was excited to see this lesson opportunity!

J. Beall, Cross Plains, WI, USA, St. Francis Xavier School
May 22, 2015

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