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TechnoEntrepreneur 2013/2010

Integrate mathematics with computer class. The Microsoft Office activities in TechnoEntrepreneur are fun and easy to complete!

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TechnoEntrepreneur Includes:

Teacher Guide

Student Workbook

Letter Template

Floor Plan Template

Excel Template

Newsletter Template

Professional Letter Sample

Floor Plan Sample

Excel Sample Workbook

Newsletter Sample

Review Questions

Skill Reviews

Extension Activities

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Excel Lesson Plans

Professional Letter Sample

Floor Plan Sample

Spreadsheet Sample

Newsletter Sample

Microsoft Office Lesson Plans

TechnoEntrepreneur 2010 Icon Students make connections to mathematics in the real world by becoming restaurateurs. They use Excel, Word, and PowerPoint to develop a restaurant concept, raise investment funds, design a floor plan, and report financial data.

Session 1 Business Survey

To start, students learning about Microsoft Excel. They complete a worksheet to label the parts of the window. In addition, they follow instructions to learn how to select cells, columns, and rows, as well as how to enter data into a cell.

Once familiar with some basic spreadsheet skills, students survey their peers to learn about food preferences. The survey results are then entered into a spreadsheet template and then transformed into a pie graph. This information is used to determine the type of cuisine to serve at the restaurant. Excel Lesson Plans: Students plan a restaurant using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.
View Lesson Plans

Session 2 Professional Letter

To open their restaurant, students need money. They learn how to write a professional letter to request start up capital for their business venture. The letter is made using a Microsoft Word template that is provided with the TechnoEntrepreneur resources.

In addition to learning how to write a letter, students also acquire the skills to copy a graph from Microsoft Excel into Microsoft Word. This graph is used to illustrate why the restaurant concept will be a success.

View a professional letter created in Microsoft Word

Session 3 Drawing Tools

Students receive news that investors have approved their proposed restaurant plans, subject to a floor plan design. In preparation, students are introduced to the drawing tools in Microsoft PowerPoint. They learn how to draw shapes, create text boxes, and insert clip art. Moreover, they acquire advanced formatting techniques such as how to apply a customized style, rotate, flip, align, and group objects.

Session 4 Design a Floor Plan

Following illustrated instructions, students create a floor plan of their restaurant in Microsoft PowerPoint. The plan must include:

  • reception area
  • dining room
  • kitchen
  • bathrooms
TECHNOENTREPRENEUR: Operate a restaurant. Raise seed money, design a floor plan, organize financial data, and more!

Learning Objectives
  • use mathematics to solve real world problems
  • conduct a survey to guide decision making
  • organize survey data in worksheet
  • graph data in a line and pie chart
  • communicate ideas in a letter to investors
  • draw a floor plan layout using Drawing Tools
  • use Currency Style and Decrease Decimal
  • calculate sum and average
  • copy and paste data between programs
  • create a newsletter with clip art and spreadsheet data

Session 5 Calculate Business Earnings

With the restaurant open to the public, students now use Microsoft Excel to calculate their monthly and yearly financial earnings. They learn how to write advanced formulas to calculate sum and average. The information is then summarized in a line graph. Excel Lesson Plans: Calculate restaurant financial data for potential investors.

The Excel lesson plans in TechnoEntrepreneur include sample files to provide exemplars to students.

Session 6 Investment Opportunity

Excel Lesson Plans: Students design a newsletter that includes text, the floor plan, and the spreadsheet data. The restaurant is a success! Using a provided template, students design an Investment Opportunity newsletter to promote their venture.

They incorporate the technology skills and data completed during this project, such as the floor plan, graph, and financial report to persuade potential investors.

Optional Activities for Microsoft Office

Challenge your students. Have them extend their learning by completing these fun Microsoft Office activities.

  • Design a Menu: Write mouth watering descriptions.

  • Design Your Logo: Make a logo for the restaurant.

  • Dream Bedroom: Use drawing tools to plan a layout.

  • Be a Critic! Describe a visit to the restaurant.

Other Microsoft Office Lesson Plans
Increase candy sales.
Operate a business.
Team up to invest in stocks.
Plan a bake sale.
Operate a theme park.

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