Item Number: JNR-JOURNAL

Technology Integration: Language Arts

Technology Skill: Word Processing

Program: Google, Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Office 365 Online, Word, Word Online


Journaling Ideas, Word Processing Lessons for Google Docs or Word: TechnoJournal Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Extension Activities

Handouts and Assessment Tools: TechnoJournal Parent Letter, TechnoJournal Certificate, Journal Skill Summary, Journal Checklist, Journal Marking Sheet

Sample Journals: Personal Journal, Pioneer Journal, Field Trip Journal

Journaling Resources: Keyboarding Activities, Sentence Starters, Journal Writing Ideas

Assignment 1: Journal Writing

Introduction to journaling. Review sample journals to gain ideas.

Assignment 2: Be a Detective

Investigate word processing tools.

Assignment 3: Create a Front Cover - Step 1

Learn basic text formatting to create a title page for the journal.

Assignment 4: Create a Front Cover - Step 2

Illustrate the journal title page. Learn simple picture formatting.

Assignment 5: Yesterday Journal Entry

Write a journal entry about a recent event. Illustrate entry.

Assignment 6: Things I Like Journal Entry

Write a journal entry listing favorite things. Make a bulleted list and set line spacing.

Assignment 7: Make a Wish Journal Entry

Write a journal entry listing three wishes. Make a numbered list.

Assignment 8: Complete the Journal

Proofread journal. Make revisions with the help of a checklist.

Assignment 9: Share the Journal

Share the publication with the teacher, parent, or a friend.

Assignment 10: Print the Journal

Insert page numbers and print the journal as a booklet.

Journaling Ideas and Writing Activities

  • About the Keyboard: Introduce the function and location of keys.
  • Journal Writing Ideas: Journal starter ideas inspire new entries.
Journal Writing Activities
Word Processing for Beginners
Google Docs or Microsoft Word Activities
Journaling Ideas to Integrate Technology

Journal Writing Activities for Elementary Students using Google Docs or Word

Journaling is an ideal way to have students reflect upon their experiences. In addition to using the activities for creative writing, students can also write journal entries from the viewpoint of a child living in a different time, character in a story, or as a summary of a science unit. Develop word processing skills with fun, engaging activities and journaling ideas designed for elementary grades.

  • Express feelings and ideas in journal entries
  • Reflect on experiences
  • Write simple sentences
  • Use capital letters and punctuation correctly
  • Edit and revise pieces of writing
  • Accurately type using the keyboard
  • Format text and images to enhance a publication
  • Locate commands on the toolbar and menu bar
  • Solve design problems
  • Share a publication by email

Customer Reviews

Elementary students are introduced to word processing by creating a personal journal. They write a series of entries using step by step, illustrated instructions. Students describe a recent event, make a note of favorite things, and list personal wishes. The text on each journal page is formatted and pictures are added to produce an appealing, eye-catching booklet. Project includes engaging journaling ideas.

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My school recently rolled out Google Apps for Education. This was a great introductory activity for my students to engage in to learn the basics of Google Docs. I have recommended this resource to other teachers.

Fran L., Wisconsin,


I really like this project ! Great to use at the beginning of the school year to cover some basics of Google Docs. I used it with a 7th grade class on all different levels. I was able to differentiate so that each kid could benefit from the project!

Josh Mozzocco, Lyndhurst, Julie Billiart School


I ordered TechnoKids Google projects for our PK-2 tech lab. These programs have been a great tool in introducing Google projects to primary students.

Monica M., Russellville, AL, West Elementary School


I have been using the TechnoKids curriculum for a few years now! I recently purchased 2 new projects for Google Apps and LOVE the new Overview included with it!

E. Carroll, Newport, PA, USA, Newport Elementary School

TechnoKids technology projects are wonderful tools for teaching technology in a very meaningful way.

word lessons reviewer

D. Krulak,
The Boys' Latin School of Maryland,

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