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WORD PROCESSING ACTIVITIES FOR BEGINNERS: Designed especially for elementary and middle schools, lessons introduce word processing with fun activities.

DEVELOP EXPERTISE: Templates support learners as they master text, picture, and page layout formatting techniques in either Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

HELPFUL RESOURCES: TechnoEditor includes a digital Teacher Guide and Student Workbook with easy to follow instructions. Worksheets may be printed or used in PDF format. Assessment tools include marking sheets, quizzes, and a skill checklist.

HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES: Assignments support exploration, discovery, and experimentation. Students gain confidence as they create content for a book. When the story is completed, they share it with a younger student.

PURCHASE ONE PROJECT PER SCHOOL: No per student fee. Not a subscription. Use on an unlimited number of devices within your school. See Terms of Use below to find out more.

Technology Integration: Language Arts

Technology Skill: Graphics, Word Processing

Version: Google, Office 2019

Program: Word

Session 1: Edit the Front Cover

Format text on the title page of A Collection of Stories Written for Children.

Session 2: Edit a Poem

Apply your formatting skills to make words look like their meaning.

Session 3: Edit a Story

Illustrate a story by formatting clip art: text wrap, object order, and grouping.

Session 4: Edit a Comic

Explore drawing tools including shapes, AutoShapes, and WordArt.

Session 5: Cut, Copy, and Paste

Edit a story using Cut, Copy, and Paste tools.

Session 6: Final Edit

Check spelling and grammar, edit page layout, and print!

Optional Word Processing Lesson Plans

Make a Name Card: Apply formatting skills.
The Lion: Use a template to practice new techniques.
The Dragon: Practice adding clip art to a template.
Edit Clip Art: Learn advanced skills to change pictures.
Shapes and WordArt: Match the tool to its function.
Balloon Trouble: Illustrate a comic.

Learn Essential Word Processing Skills
Explore Formatting Options
Edit using Word or Docs
Complete Fun Enrichment Activities

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    Teach Essential Word Processing Skills

    Integrate technology into a language arts writing unit. Develop advanced word processing skills using Microsoft Word or Google Docs lessons.

    • Revise a publication to improve content and layout
    • Format text to communicate a message effectively
    • Organize text in a list using bullets or numbering
    • Produce a comic strip by combining images and text
    • Format shapes, images, and WordArt
    • Illustrate story events using online pictures
    • Apply text wrapping and a picture style to images
    • Use cut, copy, and paste to edit a story
    • Proofread and correct writing based on guidelines
    • Publish a book using technology

    Customer Reviews

    Middle school students learn advanced word processing skills using Microsoft Word or Google Docs lessons. They use a provided template to revise a collection of poems, short stories, and comics.

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    I am extremely satisfied with your products. I find the lessons are excellent for my 5th and 6th grade computer literacy students. I am now focusing on TechnoEditor and the students are enjoying it. One of my students this morning said, "Where do you learn all this stuff?" Thanks for your great products.

    keyword word processing lessons reviewer

    N. Jaeckel,
    Sandhill School,
    WI, USA

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