Item Number: JNR-TOON

Technology Integration: Language Arts

Technology Skill: Animation, Presentation

Program: Google, Google Slides, Microsoft Office, Office 365 Online, PowerPoint, PowerPoint Online


Digital Storytelling Lesson Plans for Grades 3-8: Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Extension Activities

Handouts and Assessment: TechnoToon Parent Letter, TechnoToon Certificate, TechnoToon Skill Summary, Digital Story Checklist, Peer Editing Checklist, Digital Story Marking Sheet

Sample Cartoons and Templates: Marco Polo, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Bicycle Safety Tips, My Dream, Super Dog, What Is It? Cartoon1 and Cartoon2 templates

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Assignment 1: Digital Storytelling, Cartoons, & Comic Strips

Learn about digital storytelling, cartoons, and comic strips. Complete storyboard panels.

Assignment 2: View Sample Digital Stories

View sample digital stories as a source of inspiration. Answer questions about their content.

Assignment 3: Organize Story Ideas for the Digital Story

Use a planning sheet to draft story ideas. Organize events into panels.

Assignment 4: Make the Title Slide

Make a title slide. Format text and text boxes. Apply a colored slide background.

Assignment 5: Set the Scene

Set the scene. Create the first slide. Include a text box, character, and callout.

Assignment 6: Create the Action Scenes

Create the remaining scenes. Include a starburst to emphasize an action.

Assignment 7: Add Transitions and Animations

Add transitions to divide scenes. Animate objects to set the timing of events and enhance story.

Assignment 8:Digital Story Checklist

Complete a digital story checklist. Make revisions.

Assignment 9: Publish your Digital Story

Set the slides to play automatically and share the digital story with others.

Optional Google Slides or PowerPoint Digital Storytelling Activities

  • Generate a Story Idea: Pick a character, setting, and plot.
  • Picture Editing Workshop: Trim, crop, recolor, and flip.
  • Use Images from the Internet: Insert a file or link.
  • Animation Workshop: Tips for animations, timing, and more.
  • Peer Edit the Digital Story: Share the story. Invite comments.
  • Print a Comic Strip or Comic Book: Print as a handout.
  • Make a Video: Record the story, then share.
Digital Storytelling Activities
Animate Slide Objects
Complete Fun Digital Story Activities
Use Google Slides or PowerPoint

Integrate Technology into Language Arts - Digital Storytelling Activities

Produce a digital story using Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint lessons. Combine text, imagery, and animation to create a story that looks like a cartoon or animated comic strip. Creative writing activities for elementary or middle school. Project includes fun teaching ideas and samples!

  • Select and organize story ideas
  • Produce an original digital story
  • Revise a story to improve quality
  • Publish a digital story to share with others
  • Save a digital story as other file types
  • Format slide background for story backdrop
  • Express ideas creatively
  • Illustrate events with images and objects
  • Divide story action by applying transitions
  • Animate slide objects to sequence events

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Inspire reluctant writers with digital storytelling lesson plans. Elementary and middle school students use their imaginations to create a story that looks like a cartoon or animated comic strip. Upon completion, the graphic story is published as a link with the slides set to play automatically. Challenging extension activities support learning with optional assignments such as animation techniques, collaborative peer-editing, or screencasting.

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Very nice. Very organized. Thank You!

Christy C., Bremen, KY USA, Bremen Elementary School

TechnoKids technology projects are wonderful tools for teaching technology in a very meaningful way.

toon reviewer

D. Krulak,
The Boys' Latin School of Maryland,

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