CULTIVATE A COMMUNITY OF CRITICAL THINKERS: Promote responsible digital citizenship skills. Lesson plans introduce the internet to junior grades. Students master search strategies, collect bookmarks, assess the trustworthiness of websites, save images, learn to respect copyright, examine cyberbullying, follow safe practises, and more! Make your students informed evaluators of online information. Encourage a culture of inquiry in your classroom.

MUST-HAVE RESOURCES TEACHERS CAN USE TOMORROW: Amplify teaching and save valuable time with high quality, user-friendly instructional resources. Included in the project is a Teacher Guide with lesson plans, skill summaries, and assessment tools. The Student Workbook can be printed or used digitally in paperless classrooms. Students complete activities, answer questions, and reflect on their learning. When finished, they earn an Internet Citizenship card.

KIDS BECOME INTERNET AWESOME: Rich, engaging activities tour students through a comprehensive online journey. Using the provided large-scale map, students use markers to track their progress. They visit video sites, survey maps, explore sound and music, observe webcams, and learn about email and social media. Build skills and strategies that can be applied throughout the curriculum.

STEM CONNECTION: Tap into powerful resources to develop essential 21st century skills. Build a foundation for subsequent learning and best practices. Prepare your students to be ‘future-proof’. Give them the basis for the skills they will need for the careers of tomorrow.

TECHNOKIDS SUPPORTS TEACHERS: We love to help! If you have any questions or comments about our projects, email us or call to speak to a real person.

Technology Integration: Language Arts

Technology Skill: Digital Citizenship, Internet

Program: PowerPoint, Slides

Assignment 1: Practice Internet Safety

Learn safety tips and earn an Internet Citizenship card.

Assignment 2: Take a Tour of the Internet

Navigate the WWW to discover the meaning of Internet terminology.

Assignment 3: Search the Internet

Master search strategies to find information fast.

Assignment 4: Collect Bookmarks

Search the Internet and then bookmark web pages.

Assignment 5: Bookmark Traditional Sources

Explore online encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries and thesauruses.

Assignment 6: Examine Information Sources

Examine websites to evaluate their trustworthiness.

Assignment 7: Read News on Current Events

Inspect web-based articles from popular newspapers and magazines.

Assignment 8: Search the Image Gallery

Filter online images to collect pictures. Learn to respect copyright.

Assignment 9: Discover the Video Theater

View documentaries, speeches, demonstrations, and entertaining footage.

Assignment 10: Survey the Map Collection

Develop map skills by plotting a location and generating directions.

Assignment 11: Explore the Sound Stage

Listen to online radio stations, sound clips, and favorites songs.

Assignment 12: Visit Webcam Observatory

Take a virtual field trip. Observe remote events and attractions.

Assignment 13: Experience the Arcade

Play online games and rank the entertainment value.

Assignment 14: Learn About Email

Compare traditional mail to email.

Assignment 15: Email Guidelines and Safety Tips

Score email safety readiness and netiquette skills.

Assignment 16: Exchange Email

Compose, send, receive, reply, and forward messages.

Assignment 17: Send an Email Attachment

Attach a file to an email message.

Assignment 18: Prevent Cyberbullying

Discuss harmful or hurtful online behavior.

Assignment 19: Study Chat Guidelines and Safety Tips

Prepare to chat responsibly by taking a quiz.

Assignment 20: Chat With Friends

Exchange messages with friends in real time.

Assignment 21: Network at Social Media Place

Explore social media sites.

Assignment 22: Explore the Blogosphere

Study blog posts.

Digital Citizenship Lessons

Optional extension activities provide a fun introduction to the Internet.
  • Get Homework Help: Bookmark homework helper websites.
  • Study Online Shopping: Conduct an interview to learn about online shopping habits.
  • Study Online Banking: Conduct an interview to learn about online banking services.
  • Visit the Ecard Shop: Send electronic greeting cards for a special event or achievement.

Terms of Use
Use TechnoInternet with unlimited users at your site. A site is a physical location such as classroom, school, learning center, daycare, library, or home. If you teach at multiple sites, you will need to purchase one set for each location. Access everything you need from TechnoHub, and transfer the files to all devices at your site. View the PDF teacher guides and workbooks digitally or print as many as you need. Files CANNOT be posted in public domain.

Internet Lesson Plans for Beginners
Introduction to the Internet
Digital Citizenship Lessons
Essential Internet Activities

Transform Your Students Into Responsible Digital Citizens

Explore web-based resources and services to discover how they can be used responsibly in daily life. Internet activities teach best practices, safety, and digital citizenship. This introduction to the Internet creates a foundation for future learning. Activities are organized around an imaginary world to make learning fun. Destinations include the Visitor’s Center, e-Library, e-Media Center, e-Playground, e-Mail Depot, and e-Café. Students take a tour of various locations to learn about the Internet.

  • Demonstrate responsible, ethical, and safe behavior
  • Use search strategies to locate online resources
  • Bookmark web pages and organize them in a folder
  • Assess trustworthiness of web-based information
  • Watch educational and entertaining videos
  • Play online games, listen to music, view webcams
  • Communicate with email using netiquette
  • Prevent cyberbullying
  • Communicate using chat
  • Evaluate forms of social media

Customer Reviews

In TechnoInternet, students have fun exploring the Internet. This online expedition allows them to safely discover the wonders online as well as learn the importance of responsible digital citizenship. The assignments revolve around an imaginary world. Each destination is tracked by adding a marker to an Internet map. This introduction to the Internet is ideal for elementary students.

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We have been using TechnoJourney in our homeschool group this year and we are loving it! We are all impressed with the user friendly format of TechnoJourney! We know how important it is to incorporate technology iinto the classroom, whether it's at home, a small group or a large co-op. I love that all of the resources are at your fingertips with options to have hard copy or go 100% digital. We opted to print out the passports and travel through the printed out workbook. My 3rd/4th graders enjoy the lessons and what they learn in each project-such as researching marine life when using web browsers and keywords. Thank you for developing such a quality, engaging, user-friendly project based curriculum that works for any group! We can't wait to dive into more projects and now we all take comfort in knowing that our kids have solid basis for digital citizenship as well as internet research and terminology!

Kristy Horner, Gerrardstown, WV, Windy Hill Academy


The TechnoKids programs has been a great asset to my curriculum. It is used along with other resources to aide the students in mastering their Microsoft Office skills in preparations for the Microsoft certification exams in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The content is relative, yet rigorous enough to maintain student interest even at the 11th and 12th grade level.

Paula Canaday, New Kent, VA, Bridging Communities Regional Career and Technical


I have been using Techno Kids for 3 years throughout the entire school. The instructions are clear and well illustrated as well as covering all the computer applications important to a life long learner.

Melanie S., Clarksdale, MS, Lee Academy


I was a substitute tutor for a class teaching TechnoJourney. The instructions are so clear and easy to use that I was able to jump right into teaching without having to review anything. The students are very enthusiastic about TechnoJourney and are disappointed when class time is up. They are learning a lot and they enjoy it. Thank you!

Stacie, Saint Paul, MN, HERO


I've used many of your products and they've been a great addition to our curriculum.

K. Sellmer, Sellersburg, IN, USA, St. Paul Catholic School


My students and I have enjoyed all of the projects I bought from you! They are wonderful.

P. Parker , TX, USA, Harts Bluff ISD

TechnoKids was the best investment I could have ever made for my Computer Applications' Classes. These units provide instruction for all of the software programs that students need to be successful in junior high, high school, and beginning of college. The instructions are well-stated and the examples given are extremely helpful in carrying out the projects. The students can work ahead on their own or if out for an absence, they can easily follow directions on their own to proceed.

internet lesson plans reviewer

C. Andrews,
Starkville Academy,

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