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TechnoMovie Details

Digital Storytelling Lesson Plans! Elementary students become digital story tellers by creating an animated story using Microsoft PowerPoint and TechnoMovie.

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TechnoMovie Includes:

Teacher Guide

Student Workbook

Sample Digital Story

Review Questions

Skill Reviews

Extension Activities

Marking Sheet

Summary of Skills

Parent Letter



Sample Digital Story

Session 4 Lesson Plans

Extension Activity

Digital Storytelling Lesson Plans

TechnoMovie Icon Elementary students become digital story tellers by creating an animated story using Microsoft PowerPoint. They “star” as the main character in an adventure about a magical place.

Session 1 Lights, Camera, Action!

The digital storytelling lesson plans in TechnoMovie turn students into the stars of their own movies. To begin, students view the sample Lost in Outer Space, provided with the resources. Students reflect on the slide show by answering questions on a worksheet.

TECHNOMOVIE: Produce a digital story using PowerPoint.

Next, students use a storyboard to sketch out the five slides of their own adventure. They are guided by questions:

  • How do you enter the new world?
  • What do you see when you get to the new world?
  • What happens to you when you are in this strange place?
  • How do you get home?

A storyboard helps students organize their ideas for a digital story.
A storyboard helps students organize their ideas.

The final preparation steps are to record a brief video clip of the student, which will be used on the second slide, and to take two or more digital photos, which will be used on the third and fourth slides. If a digital camera is not available, you can omit this step, and instead use clip art characters to produce the digital story.

Session 2 The Adventure Begins

Now students are ready to begin creating the animated story using Microsoft PowerPoint and the digital storytelling lesson plans in TechnoMovie. On the title slide, students learn how to format text and apply a background. The second slide is a “portal”, in which the students pass through a magical door or entrance to another world. Students are guided through new skills as they insert clip art and the video to produce this scene.

Session 3 Photo Editing

In order to place the student photos into the slide show, the background must be removed. Students are shown, using detailed, illustrated instructions, how to use the Background Removal tools in PowerPoint to edit their photographs so that the background is transparent.

We just completed TechnoMovie which went very well. The students' movies turned out great. We have a parent viewing this week.
E. Gajewski, Tech Adventures Inc., Huntley, IL, USA

Learning Objectives
  • create a series of slides that illustrate an adventure
  • plan and organize story ideas using a storyboard
  • use a digital camera to take video and photos
  • digitally edit a photo
  • add background and text to a slide
  • insert clip art, photos, video, and animated clips
  • animate objects to effectively illustrate story action
  • narrate story action
  • view digital stories
  • identify effective techniques of story telling

Session 4 Illustrating Adventures

The fun continues as students create slides illustrating adventures in the magical world. Detailed PowerPoint lesson plans explain how to combine clip art, motion clips, and the student's edited photograph to produce entertaining scenes.

Session 5 On the Move

Step by step directions guide students in adding animation to selected slide objects in PowerPoint. Helpful suggestions are included throughout the assignment. This is a favorite activity with all students! Digital storytelling lesson plans in TechnoMovie, explain how to create a digital story.

Session 6 Tell the Story

PowerPoint lesson plans describe how to add narration to the digital story to explain each exciting event. The culminating experience for this project is the “TechnoMovie Matinee”, where students share their digital stories. A variety of methods are suggested for this activity. During the matinee, students give positive feedback using a handout.

TechnoMovie Assessment Tools

Included in the digital storytelling lesson plans are assessment tools to evaluate student progress:

  • Review Questions: A review of PowerPoint tools.
  • Skill Reviews: Practice PowerPoint skills.
  • Summary of Skills: Checklist of presentation skills.

Optional Digital Storytelling Lesson Plans

Included with the digital storytelling lesson plans in the TechnoMovie are fun and challenging ideas for enrichment:

  • Make a Poster: Advertise the movie.
  • Contact a Friend: Write a letter about the movie.
  • Add Notes: Write narrative speaker notes.
  • Transitions: Add special effects between slides.
  • Pitch a Movie: Compose a letter to a producer.
  • Apply Effects to Your Photo: Make artistic and wacky portraits using your own photo.

An extension activity from TechnoMovie, in which students add effects to their photograph using PowerPoint.

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