Item Number: JNR-JOURNEY

Technology Integration: Language Arts

Technology Skill: Digital Citizenship, Internet

Includes: Teach Digital Citizenship - Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoJourney Parent Letter, E-Mail Parent Letter, TechnoJourney Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Internet Quiz, My Passport Template, My Passport Sample, Journey Stamps, Internet Map, Email Tips, Digital Citizenship Card

Session 1: At the Visitor's Center

Internet introduction: learn safety tips, search strategies, and bookmarking.

Session 2: In the e-Library

Explore information sources: encyclopedias, atlases, and dictionaries.

Session 3: In the e-Media Center

Discover an online media collection: photos, videos, and maps.

Session 4: In the e-Playground

Play online: games, listen to music, and view live feed using webcams.

Session 5: In the e-Mail Depot

Communicate: learn email safety, netiquette, and message exchange.

Session 6: In the e- Café

Social media: chat, discuss cyberbullying, identity protection, and safety.

Optional Digital Citizenship Lessons

Introduction to the Internet Review: Internet Terminology and Safety
Internet Search Skill Review: Trusting the Source
Self-Guided Tour: Internet Scavenger Hunt
Email Quiz: Are you email savvy?
Chat and Social Media Review: Terminology review
The Blogosphere at Social Media Place: Learn about blogging.

Become Responsible Digital Citizens
Track Your Internet Journey with a Passport
Learn all this and more with TechnoJourney
Extension Activities Enrich Learning

Transform Your Students Into Internet Experts

Become Internet savvy with engaging activities that promote digital citizenship. The activities in TechnoJourney are perfect for beginners. Teach internet safety, online strategies and more!

  • Demonstrate responsible, ethical, and safe behavior
  • Use search strategies to locate online resources
  • Bookmark web pages and organize them in a folder
  • Assess trustworthiness of web-based information
  • Watch educational and entertaining videos
  • Play online games, listen to music, view webcams
  • Communicate using e-mail using netiquette
  • Prevent cyberbullying
  • Communicate using chat
  • Evaluate forms of social media

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Teach digital citizenship: Elementary students journey to the Internet to engage in authentic online experiences. They learn about Internet safety as well as how to become responsible digital citizens.

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I've used many of your products and they've been a great addition to our curriculum.

K. Sellmer, Sellersburg, IN, USA, St. Paul Catholic School

TechnoKids was the best investment I could have ever made for my Computer Applications' Classes. These units provide instruction for all of the software programs that students need to be successful in junior high, high school, and beginning of college. The instructions are well-stated and the examples given are extremely helpful in carrying out the projects. The students can work ahead on their own or if out for an absence, they can easily follow directions on their own to proceed.

internet lesson plans reviewer

C. Andrews,
Starkville Academy,

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