Item Number: PRI-COP

Technology Integration: Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Database, Desktop Publishing, Graphics, Word Processing

Program: PowerPoint, Access, Word, Microsoft Office

Includes: Elementary Computer Lessons, Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoCop Parent Letter, TechnoCop Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Badges Presentation, Badge Sample, Police Hat Sample, Student Photos, Wanted Poster Sample, TechnoCop Database, Cop Template, Nameplate Template, Police Hat Template, Wanted Poster Template (all templates have a custom quick access toolbar)

Session 1: TechnoCop Training

Investigate drawing and formatting tools of Microsoft Word.

Session 2: Badge of Courage

Design a badge using AutoShapes, WordArt, and text boxes.

Session 3: TechnoCop Database

Add a record to the TechnoCop database; then view, find, and print!

Session 4: Looking for Crooks

Filter data using Filter-by-Form to find records in the TechnoCop Database.

Session 5: On the Job

Discover “who did it” by filtering records with "just the facts".

Session 6: Wanted

Create a "Wanted" poster after solving "The Case of the Cookie Crook".

Optional Elementary Computer Lessons

Make a Nameplate: Make a desk sign with your name.
Play It Safe: Circle the picture with the safe choice.
Make a Police Hat: Use a template to be creative.
Who Did It? Practice detective skills.
Unscramble the Words: Learn database icon names.
Find the Crooks: Practice Filter By Form.

Solve Silly Crimes
Create a Police Badge
Templates Included
Search a Database

Integrate Technology into a Community Helper, Mystery, or Problem Solving Unit

Solve silly crimes such as The Blind Mice Mystery, The Blank Screen Burglar, and The Case of the Cookie Crook using the TechnoCop database. Bring the crooks to justice! TechnoCop elementary computer lessons hook student interest as they learn fundamental computer skills.

  • Use technology to enhance learning
  • Understand the role of the police in the community
  • Format drawing objects and text
  • Combine shapes and text to create a hat and badge
  • Predict the suspect in a mystery story
  • Organize categorical data in a database form
  • Filter records in a database to solve a mystery
  • Add, view, find, filter, and print database records
  • Create a wanted poster using drawing tools
  • Solve problems and make informed decisions

Customer Reviews

Join the TechnoCop Police Academy. After some training, the recruits use the TechnoCop database to solve silly crimes such as the Case of the Cookie Crook and the Blank Screen Bandit. All the resources needed are included in TechnoCop elementary computer lessons: teacher guide, student workbook, database, templates, and samples.

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TechnoKids is your all in one solution for veteran technology teachers and for those struggling to integrate technology in the curriculum. The projects are engaging and relevant and provide a step-by-step procedure in order to ensure success. TechnoKids is flexible and can be used as an enrichment activity for individual students, taught to small groups, or part of whole class instruction.

database skills reviewer

J. Trainor,
The Summit School,

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