KID PIX 3D Activity Book


Description: Kid Pix Activities - Teacher Guide, Instruction Sheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, Technology Integration Suggestions, Technology Integration Chart, Technology Skills Chart, Samples for Each Activity, Weekly Book Template, Postcard Template, Folding Book Template, Brochure Template, Talking Head Template

Technology Integration: Health, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Animation, Graphics, Presentation, Word Processing

Program: KID PIX 3D

KID PIX Activity Book Includes:

Activity 1: Make a Greeting Card

Activity 2: Illustrate a Wee Weekly Book

Activity 3: Animate an Acrostic Poem

Activity 4: Compose Poetry in Motion

Activity 5: Produce an Animated Adventure

Activity 6: Express Yourself in a Video

Activity 7: Advertise a New Invention

Activity 8: Raise Awareness with a Talking Sign

Activity 9: Design a Postcard

Activity 10: Organize Timeline of Events

Activity 11: Map an Area

Activity 12: What am I? Write a Riddle Book

Activity 13: Create a Slide Show

Activity 14: Stand Up! Design a Brochure

Activity 15: Graph Data using a Pictograph

Activity 16: Counting Fun! Build a Board Game

Activity 17: Host a 100 Day Celebration

Activity 18: Construct a Talking Head

Activity 19: Express Mood using Line and Color

Activity 20: Make a Robot from Shapes and Textures

Workshop 1: Get to Know KID PIX 3D

Workshop 2: Create with Drawing Tools

Workshop 3: Discover the Painting Tools

Workshop 4: Erase Mistakes

Workshop 5: Type with Text Tools

Workshop 6: Animate Stickers

Workshop 7: Make a Sticker

Workshop 8: Design a Scene

Workshop 9: Set Up a Slide Show

Workshop 10: Share your Work

Create an Animated Adventure
Design a Postcard
Organize Events in a Timeline
Make a Counting Gameboard

Integrate KID PIX Activities into Curriculum

Engage students! Use KID PIX 3D as a creativity and productivity tool to promote learning. KID PIX 3D Workshops help students discover, explore, and master the KID PIX tools. KID PIX 3D Activities are a collection of fun, unique ideas to practice and apply new skills. Activities include many suggestions to integrate curriculum.

  • Generate and organize ideas
  • Present ideas and information
  • Write explanatory and narrative texts
  • Edit writing to prepare for publishing
  • Construct simple maps
  • Analyze data in a graph
  • Use elements of design
  • Organize events chronologically
  • Select the appropriate tool for the task
  • Produce publications using creativity tool

Customer Reviews

KID PIX 3D Activity Book has twenty activities and ten workshops for Kid Pix 3D. Grade 1-3 students apply their skills to create greeting cards, poetry, animated scenes, videos, advertisements, postcards, timelines, maps, pictographs, and more!

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These projects have been great learning tools and my students love them. The step-by-step instructions are so easy to follow and are so clear that I don't even feel the need for review or teacher preparation ahead of time. KidPix is my students' favorite subject of the school day. Thank you!

Stacie, Saint Paul, MN, Homeschool

I am a long time Kid Pix user. I was doing a project for a 2nd grade teacher to do Christmas cards but didn't know how to create them in Kid Pix. The Activity Book really helped with that project.

keyword reviewer

M. deSteuben,
Peterborough Elementary School,

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