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TechnoCEO Details

Lesson Plans for Microsoft Office! Have your students become the CEO of their own company. Can they attract investors?

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TechnoCEO Includes:

Teacher Guide

Student Workbook

Financial Template

Financial Sample File

Presentation Sample File

Review Questions

Skill Reviews

Extension Activities

Marking Sheet

Summary of Skills

Parent Letter



Assignment 1 Lesson Plan

Organization Chart


Bar Graph

Teaching Entrepreneurship - Business Lesson Plans

TechnoCEO Icon Students assume the role of a Chief Executive Officer. Using a real life model, they create a PowerPoint presentation describing the financial success of their company with the goal of attracting potential investors.

Session 1 About Your Company

Are you teaching entrepreneurship? TechnoCEO is an integrated, project based, unit of study in which students learn both presentation and spreadsheet skills in a real world application. TECHNOCEO: Attract investors to your business! Organize financial data with Excel and then develop a presentation using PowerPoint.

Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint are used as tools to organize, calculate, and effectively present business information.

To begin, students are guided through the planning process of setting up a company. Informative hints and questions help the students to understand the role of the CEO. Next, they name the company, decide on the type of product, set prices, and design a company logo.

Session 2 Organization Chart

Next, students learn about the roles and responsibilities of the main positions in the hierarchy of a company. Following illustrated instructions, they plan, create, and format an organization chart in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Teaching Entrepreneurship: Organization Chart
View Organization Chart

Session 3 Organize Financial Information

In TechnoCEO, beginners are introduced to Microsoft Excel. They are guided through basic spreadsheet skills and move on to learn advanced techniques as they calculate their company's operating expenses and sales revenue.

Using a provided template, students learn how to:

  • organize information into a spreadsheet
  • format borders, headings, and text
  • add color to make data clear and easy to understand

Provided with the business lesson plans in TechnoCEO, is a sample workbook that teachers can use to gain an understanding of the skills their students will acquire.

Learning Objectives
  • organize financial information using Microsoft Excel
  • autofill the contents of cells
  • merge and center the contents of cells
  • calculate data using formulas
  • make a column chart from spreadsheet data
  • design a company logo
  • create a PowerPoint presentation about a company
  • display information using an organization chart
  • summarize the financial performance of a company
  • animate the contents of a presentation

Session 4 Calculate Financial Status

As students calculate net sales, they learn how to use:

  • Autosum to calculate sum for a range of cells
  • Autofill to copy values or formulas
  • Formulas to add, subtract or multiply a range of data
  • Format Painter to copy formatting
  • Insert Function to build a formula

Session 5 Graph Financial Results

Next, the students convert the data into a bar graph comparing the sales revenue from 3 different product lines.

They learn to:
  • add text to the graph
  • change axis categories
  • choose a chart layout
  • label the axes
Teaching Entrepreneurship: Bar Graph
View Bar Graph

Session 6 Company Report

Finally, the student CEOs get ready to complete their presentations for the potential investors. The graph is copied to the PowerPoint slide show, the financial data is analyzed and a year end summary is written.

The last step in making the slide show interesting and convincing is to add animation. Detailed directions show students how to animate objects, make the animations play automatically, and adjust the speed. All students find this session lots of fun!

Teaching Entrepreneurship: Sample Company Report created in PowerPoint

Optional Activities for Teaching Entrepreneurship

Included with TechnoCEO are challenging and fun activities for teaching entrepreneurship:

  • Company Slogans
  • Family Tree
  • Power User Tricks

 Teaching Entrepreneurship: Skater Logo

Teaching Entrepreneurship is Easy with TechnoKids Technology Projects
Start up a restaurant.
Plan a bake sale.
Increase candy sales.
Buy and sell stocks.
Become an event planner.

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