Grades 6-9 - Computer Lesson Plans

Intermediate Technology Projects

  • Computer Activities for Middle School
  • Create presentations, web pages, videos, blogs, publications, graphs and more!

Computer Lessons for Middle or High School Students

TechnoKids Intermediate Computer Curriculum is a collection of technology projects. Each project includes a teacher guide, workbook and customizable resource files. Use a project based learning approach to engage learners in meaningful activities.

Photo of INT-HTML - TechnoHTML5
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Become a web designer. Use HTML5 and CSS lessons to construct a simple web page.

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Photo of INT-COMMERCIAL - TechnoCommercial


Analyze marketing techniques and produce a commercial using basic video equipment and Movie Maker.

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Photo of INT-SET - Intermediate Computer Curriculum Set
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Intermediate Computer Curriculum Set

A set of projects for Grades 6-9. Integrate technology. Lessons to create publications, presentations, and more.

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Photo of INT-BLOG - TechnoBlog


Teach a blogging creative writing unit. Use a safe free blogging service to have students become bloggers.

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Photo of INT-ENTREPRENEUR - TechnoEntrepreneur
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Become restaurateurs. Apply mathematical reasoning to operate a successful business using Word and Excel.

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Photo of INT-EDITOR - TechnoEditor


Learn word processing while revising a collection of poems, short stories, and comics with Microsoft Word.

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Photo of INT-EZINE - TechnoEzine


Publish an interactive magazine with Microsoft Word. Write articles about movies, music, and trends.

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Photo of INT-CLUE - TechnoClue


Decipher the clues to catch the crook! Computer-based activities that transform students into detectives.

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Photo of INT-TRAVEL - TechnoTravel


Research a destination and create a travel advertisement for a weekend getaway using Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Photo of INT-CEO - TechnoCEO


Attract investors. Start a business. Analyze financial data and present a report using Excel and PowerPoint.

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Photo of INT-NOVEL - TechnoNovel


Create an animated book report using Microsoft PowerPoint. Fun novel study activities for students.

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Photo of INT-INVESTOR - TechnoInvestor


Form investment teams to trade stocks in fictitious companies. Use Microsoft Excel to track the portfolio.

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Photo of INT-FUTURE - TechnoFuture


Integrate science with language arts. Create an interactive science fiction story using Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Photo of INT-MISSION - TechnoMission


Construct a database using Microsoft Access. Organize data. Create tables, forms, and reports.

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Photo of INT-ENVIRONMENT - TechnoEnvironment


Research an important environmental issue. Design informative publications to raise awareness!

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Integrate Technology!

Prepare middle and high school students for the future.

  • Project based learning promotes critical and creative thinking
  • Student worksheets can be annotated for paperless classrooms
  • Easy to follow instructions allow students to work independently
  • Interdisciplinary activities target objectives from multiple subject areas

We love the TechnoKids curriculum! It's flexible, easy to use, and the kids really learn the skills. There is also an abundance of activities and materials...way more that I can use in the limited time I have with the students...which is a GREAT thing!

middle school computer class reviewer

J. Kramer,
Indian Mound Middle School,