Item Number: INT-NOVEL

Technology Integration: Language Arts, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Animation, Graphics, Presentation

Program: PowerPoint

Includes: Novel Study Lesson Plans, Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoNovel Parent Letter, TechnoNovel Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, TechnoNovel Marking Sheet, Book Trailer Sample, Collage Sample, Quiz Sample, Mobile Sample, Postcard Sample

Session 1: About the Novel

View and answer questions about a book trailer. Get images for own trailer.

Session 2: Introduce the Novel

Design a poster-like slide to introduce the novel.

Session 3: Meet the Characters

Customize the look of clip art. Create a slide to introduce main characters.

Session 4: Attract Attention

Hook reader interest using Word Art phrases that build suspense and drama.

Session 5: About the Plot

Create slides that highlight important story events. Entice people to read.

Session 6: Animation Sensation

Animate slide objects, add transitions, and apply a sound track. Share trailer.

Optional Novel Study Lesson Plans

Postcard: Send a message using PowerPoint.
Wanted Poster: Make a novel character notorious.
Collage: Find clip art related to the story.
Mobile: Create a mobile about setting, plot, and characters.
Interactive Quiz: Learn advanced PowerPoint skills.

Design a Book Trailer using PowerPoint
Entice People to Read
Include Story Setting and Characters
Fun Extension Activities

Create an Animated Book Report

Integrate technology into a language arts novel study or media literacy unit. Middle school students use PowerPoint with novel study lesson plans to create a book trailer.

  • Identify topic, intent, and audience of a book trailer
  • Plan and arrange ideas to create an animated report
  • Describe personality traits of characters
  • Edit clip art to identify the setting
  • Illustrate key events that highlight the plot of a story
  • Format text and graphics to communicate a message
  • Promote a book using convincing words and pictures
  • Engage viewers with multimedia effects
  • Proofread and revise slides
  • Create an preview for a book using technology

Customer Reviews

Middle school students use PowerPoint and novel study lesson plans to create a book trailer, which is an animated book report. Similar to a movie trailer, a preview of the book is created to entice people to read.

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I love the projects and the easy to use directions.

R. Albrecht, San Diego, CA, USA, Del Sur School


We love that it is project based, not app based.

S. McNeill , CA, USA, Stockdale Christian School

We love that it is project based, not app based.

novel study reviewer

S. McNeill,
Stockdale Christian School,

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