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INTEGRATE GOOGLE FORMS INTO CURRICULUM: Blend this technology project into any subject area as a discovery tool, review activity, or to share personal interests or expertise. Students devise a plan, generate thought provoking questions, make an answer key with feedback, and then invite peers to play the trivia game. Finally, they analyze scores and reflect upon their learning.

8 EASY ACTIVITIES TO MAKE A TRIVIA GAME: You will receive a Teacher Guide with lesson plans, teaching strategies, ideas, and assessment tools and a Student Workbook with illustrated, step-by-step instructions. Also included are optional Extension Activities for extra challenges and sample quizzes about a diverse variety of topics: countries, a biography, an author, and brainteasers.

SHAKE UP YOUR COMPUTER CURRICULUM WITH A ONE-OF-A-KIND PROJECT: A unique trivia quiz adds excitement and variety to a technology program. Break up those necessary keyboarding classes with a fun and stimulating activity. Students build all-new skills in learning the Google Forms app as they develop vital learning objectives such as planning and organizing, researching to fact-check, considering suitable point value, providing helpful feedback, and analyzing results.

STUDENTS AS CONTENT PRODUCERS: Unleash young learners’ creative potential. Tech-savvy students, generally consumers of technology, are actively engaged when they construct their own interactive projects. Composing a trivia quiz to share with their friends is a powerful hook.

PROMOTE COLLABORATION: Not only do students test, share, comment, and study their respondents’ results, but they consider the viewpoint of their audience in developing quiz questions. By working together, students improve their written and oral communication skills, build self-esteem, cultivate positive relationships, learn about constructive criticism, and develop responsibility and accountability.

Technology Integration: Geography, History, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

Technology Skill: Data Management

Version: Google

Program: Forms, Sheets

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Assignment 1: Play the Brain Game

Examine the Wacky Animal Quiz to pinpoint the features that make a trivia quiz fun to take.

Assignment 2: Create a Quiz About Your Country

Explore quiz making tools to learn how to test knowledge and score answers.

Assignment 3: Plan Your Trivia Quiz

Select a topic. Generate intriguing questions that range from simple to complex.

Assignment 4: Design a Trivia Quiz

Invent an engaging game that challenges people. Set the answer key to calculate points.

Assignment 5: Complete the Trivia Quiz Checklist

Detect areas for improvement. Revise the design, questions, answer options, or answer key.

Assignment 6: Host a Trivia Time Event

Invite people to play. Choose an option such as Game Show Host, Invitation Only, or Get Social.

Assignment 7: Be A Know It All

Answer peers’ trivia quizzes. Reflect upon features that make them appealing.

Assignment 8: Study Trivia Quiz Responses

Analyze scores and responses to recommend revisions that would improve the quiz.

Optional Fun Google Forms Quiz Activities

  • Make the Quiz a Battle of the Brains: Sort spreadsheet data. Declare a champion.
  • Collaborate to Build a Trivia Game: Each member builds questions for a category.
  • Create a Pick Your Own Ending Story: Use a quiz to make a story with optional endings.
  • Ask a Question About a Video Clip: Test people's observation or listening skills with a video.
  • Ask a Short Answer Question: Manually grade responses. Release the scores.

Terms of Use
Use TechnoTrivia with unlimited users at your site. A site is a physical location such as classroom, school, learning center, daycare, library, or home. If you teach at multiple sites, you will need to purchase one set for each location. Individual projects are downloadable. Order 5 or more projects or a set and receive a USB drive. Transfer the files to all devices at your site. View the PDF teacher guides and workbooks digitally or print as many as you need. Files CANNOT be posted in public domain.

Make a Google Forms Quiz
Formulate Thought Provoking Questions
Collaborate Analyze Create
Integrate Google Forms into Learning

How To Make a Google Forms Quiz - Design a Trivia Game

By formulating questions, elementary and middle school students develop critical thinking, improve information recall, and enhance communication skills. Integrate a Google Forms quiz into learning. The theme of the trivia can be about a unit of study or based upon personal interest.

  • Plan and organize ideas
  • Formulate thought-provoking questions
  • Research to fact-check information
  • Build a trivia quiz and set the answer key
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Set a suitable point value for questions
  • Provide feedback with helpful information
  • Automatically calculate point score
  • Host a trivia event and invite respondents
  • Analyze trivia quiz responses

Customer Reviews

Learn how to make a Google Forms quiz. Elementary and middle school students create a trivia game. They formulate questions to test friends' knowledge about a topic. By setting the answer key an automated system calculates points and sends quiz results. Integrate this project into any curriculum area or use a topic of personal interest and expertise. For grades 4 and up.

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I just used Techno Trivia for the first time with my 8th Elective Wheel elective class and I love it! It was easy to use, and I appreciated the extension activities for my students who work at a faster pace. I even used the flashcards for our bulletin board! This is the first time I have ever purchased curriculum (as I prefer to create my own) but because I am teaching 4 separate classes, I really needed some help. I also enjoy the option of being able to provide the kids with a digital copy on our Google classroom. Many thanks for this great product. I can't wait to try the next one on my list: Techno Presenter.

J. Toby, Santa Rosa, CA, USA, Rincon Valley Middle School

This curriculum is great for teaching the concepts while making the lessons fun. Students really enjoy learning new technology and are excited about it. The workbooks are very helpful for keeping the students on task. I would recommend TechnoKids to anyone.

google sheets lessons reviewer

Dr. Suzanne Johnson,
Copiah-Lincoln Community College,
Wesson, MS, USA

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