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Spanish Instructional Materials for Spanish Immersion Classrooms or English Language Learners

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  • Spanish instructional materials for immersion classrooms or English Language Learners.

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TechnoKids has technology projects in Spanish. Each technology project includes a teacher guide, student workbook, and resources. The teacher guide is a valuable tool for curriculum planning. The workbook has Spanish instructions that students follow to complete computer-based activities. The resources support learners with samples and templates.

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Spanish Resources for Immersion Classrooms

Do you want to integrate technology into a Spanish immersion classroom? Is your instruction primarily in Spanish?

TechnoKids has a collection of technology projects with Spanish resources. The lessons are ideal for for middle and high school language learning programs. They help to build language and technology skills. Students follow instructions written in Spanish to conduct research, create a report, graph data, produce animated stories, and more!

Top 3 Reasons to Integrate Technology into Spanish Immersion Classrooms

1 Students that have proficient multilingual and technology skills will thrive in the future.

2 Technology integration actively engages students in learning.

3 An interdisciplinary approach to learning improves academic achievement.

Spanish Support Materials for English Language Learners

Do you need Spanish resources to support English Language Learners? TechnoKids Inc. has Spanish instructional materials for ELLs.

The TechnoKids Spanish technology projects support Hispanic students while they are learning English. The student worksheets and resources are in their home language. This allows learners to apply current knowledge to develop new skills. The resources are suitable for elementary and middle school students.

5 Reasons to Use Spanish Support Materials for ELLs

It is a good idea to build on language learners existing knowledge and skills. Using Spanish support materials to complete schoolwork in English has many advantages:

  • Boost Achievement: Resources in the student's home language provides instructions that explain how to complete a task. This support increases the likelihood of success.
  • Reduce Cognitive Load: Using Spanish instructions switches a student's focus from comprehending the task. They can now place their efforts towards writing in English.
  • Promote Independence: Spanish resources allow English Language Learners to work independently. By taking charge of their learning, Hispanic students gain confidence.
  • Increase Skills: Teaching students in Spanish allows them to gain knowledge in their first language. This develops cognitive skills.
  • Create a Positive Attitude: Using Spanish instructional materials shows students English is not a replacement for their home language. Instead, it is an important factor in achieving success.

I absolutely love TechnoKids! It's excellent and the students really enjoy the lessons. Thank you very much for providing a curriculum that engages the students!

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