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Computer Lesson Plans - Packages and Sets

  • Collection of Technology Projects
  • Project based activities with detailed instructions and helpful resources to make technology integration easy.

Computer Curriculum for K-12 Education

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum is a collection of technology projects. Projects include engaging computer activities for children of all ages. Use our detailed computer lesson plans and resources to teach your students.

Photo of GOOGLEPKG - Google Docs Package
Best Value

Google Docs Package

A collection of Google Docs technology projects. Write stories, create presentations, design a newsletter, research information, graph data, and more.

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KID PIX 3D Bundle

Introduce computer basics with fun activities using KID PIX 3D. Bundle includes 5 projects and an Activity Book.

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Photo of MSGOOGLEPKG - Microsoft Extra and Google Docs Package

Microsoft Extra and Google Docs Package

EVERY TechnoKids project in ONE package. Use the computer-based lessons to integrate ICT into learning and support STEM education. Combine the use of Google Docs and Microsoft Office into one program.

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Photo of MICROSOFTEXTRAPKG - Microsoft Extra Package

Microsoft Extra Package

A collection of Microsoft Office and programming technology projects. Launch a business venture, budget a trip, build a web page, publish a newsletter, and more!

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Photo of JNR-SET - Junior Computer Curriculum Set

Junior Computer Curriculum Set

Student-centered lessons promote the practical application of technology. Teach the fundamentals with engaging activities.

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Photo of INT-SET - Intermediate Computer Curriculum Set

Intermediate Computer Curriculum Set

Project-based lessons blend technology into curriculum. Teach essential skills with meaningful activities.

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Photo of PRI-SET - Primary Computer Curriculum Set

Primary Computer Curriculum Set

Ready-to-go lessons introduce computer skills to young children. Teach the basics with fun age appropriate activities.

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Photo of SNR-SET - Senior Computer Curriculum Set

Senior Computer Curriculum Set

Activities emphasize real-world applications of technology. Prepare students for higher learning and career readiness.

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Photo of JNR-SPBUNDLE - Spanish Bundle Google Apps

Spanish Bundle Google Apps

Spanish resources for immersion classrooms or English language learners. Instructional materials that integrate technology into learning.

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Affordable Computer Activities!

Project based lessons integrate technology into curriculum.

  • Windows-based activities for Microsoft Office, Office 365 Online, Google Apps, Adobe, and Kid Pix
  • Unlimited use at your school
  • Free curriculum support with no yearly fee
  • Post files on a local machine, LAN server, or private web-based folder

I am SO thankful for your products they are really helping me to provide enrichment activities for my students plus it brings variety to my lessons - new projects and fresh ideas! Love it! Please keep them coming!

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D. Marquez,
Coral Springs Charter School,