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Teach Python Using the Turtle Library

Teach Python using the Turtle Library to ignite an interest in STEM. Python is a popular text-based programming language. It is used every day by programmers. The Turtle Library is a collection of functions used to control a robotic Turtle. The commands can be combined with Python to build programs that create stunning artwork and […]

Chromebook Users, HTML Coding, and Pictures

TechnoKids has recently released a programming project written especially for Chromebook users. TechnoHTML5 has long been a fan favorite among teachers. It’s now been edited specifically for use with Chromebooks and Google Drive. Students create a web page using HTML and CSS, style text, add images, and insert links. Using a web-based text editor to […]

How to Keep Score in Scratch, Game Design

Do you need to keep score in Scratch? If yes, keep reading! The instructions explain how to track the points earned by a player each time it touches a target. About the Game The directions listed below explain how to add scoring to an existing Scratch project. The game should have with a player and […]

Teaching Ideas for Programming with TechnoCode

TechnoKids’ newest release is TechnoCode, a technology project that introduces coding with Scratch to elementary and middle school students. It is an ideal project for Grades 4 and up. Jam-packed with programming activities, TechnoCode sparks an interest in computer science. Step by step instructions explain how to build animations, stories, games, art, music, and simulations. […]