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Object Drawing Mode in Animate CC

Before your students can animate in Adobe Animate CC, they must learn how to draw objects such as lines, rectangles, squares, ovals, and circles. Making simple shapes can become complicated if students do not understand Object Drawing. When teaching an Adobe Animate unit be sure to introduce the two drawing modes – Object Drawing Mode […]

Integrate Photoshop into Curriculum

Integrate Photoshop into curriculum to get the most use out of your licensing. If your school or district is paying for Adobe Photoshop CC subscriptions you want to use this software regularly. It is expensive to provide to students. For this reason, do not limit its use to just one teacher, assignment, unit, or course. […]

Quick Search Tip for Quality Results

Any search tip that makes online research more efficient is a welcome relief for teachers and students. Researching online with students can be a time consuming and sometimes frustrating task. The amount of information available on the Internet is mind boggling. Too often searches result in a lot of worthless or irrelevant information, or data […]

Zoom Tool in PowerPoint for Awesome Presentations Part 2

In my previous post, I listed the steps to create a zoom to a slide using the Zoom Tool in PowerPoint 2016 and 2013. Don’t confuse this, as I did at first, with the zoom slider in all Microsoft programs that lets you change the magnification of your window. This is entirely different. The Zoom […]