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Teach Public Speaking Skills

Designed to develop public speaking skills, TechnoPresenter is the newest project release by TechnoKids Inc. In this project, students create an effective presentation and then learn how to capture the interest of an audience. With specific strategies and step-by-step lessons, students build the skills to become effective communicators. TechnoPresenter can be integrated into any curriculum […]

Glogster Student Agreement and Digital Citizenship

I enjoy using Glogster with my students. Glogster is a web-based service that can be used to produce posters that are published online. To be able to use this service safely, I created a Glogster Student Agreement. I have included it at the bottom of this post. I felt it was essential to have a […]

Web Apps for a BYOD Environment

Having different devices can present a challenge when planning lessons, designing activities, and assessing learning. At some point, a teacher needs consistency. Web apps allow everyone to use a different device to access the same online application. There are many web apps to choose. Some web apps are free, whereas others have user fees. Some […]