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Get a Jump Start on Using OneNote Class Notebook

The Internet has many online resources teachers can access to gain help with creating a Class Notebook using OneNote. A quick Google Search will generate a list of sites. However, often they contain outdated information. New things are happening all the time with OneNote Class Notebook. For this reason, it is best to get current […]

How do I Use Python on Chromebooks? Trinket and TechnoTurtle

You may wonder, “How do I use Python on Chromebooks?” There are many web-based apps, but most work if the program contains only Python code. They tend to limit the use of many Python libraries. However, if you are teaching young programmers then the Turtle Library is important. The Turtle module can be used to […]

Free Holiday Ecards for Kids, Promote Digital Literacy

Are you interested in free holiday ecards for kids? Take a look at Greetings Island. It has a collection of greeting cards and invitations that can be downloaded, printed, or sent online. Have your children or students send electronic greeting cards to friends, family, or classmates. Ecards are a great way to let someone know […]

Cite the Source

Why Cite the Source? In any research assignment, students need to learn the essential skill of how to cite the source. They must list where they found the information. Cite sources to: acknowledge the original author allow others to look up additional details avoid plagiarism by giving credit to the work of others show readers […]