Desktop Publishing

Teaching desktop publishing to children. How to create professional publications using software such as Microsoft Publisher.

power of an infographic

The Power of an Infographic

As an alternative to report writing or giving a presentation, an infographic is a compelling way for students to demonstrate their learning. Due to its visual nature, an infographic portrays facts, data, images, and a call to action in a convincing and appealing format. When we teach students the tools for designing their own infographics, …

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What Is An Infographic?

What is an infographic? An infographic is a big picture that summarizes a topic. It is a one-page publication that presents information in a graphic way. Simple icons, symbols, maps, and charts combine to explain the data. Text is only used as labels or to briefly describe facts. The viewer explores the content by studying …

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Desktop Publishing Skills in the Classroom

Desktop publishing is a technology skill used every time a publication is created. Desktop publishing involves using the computer to create visual displays of ideas and information by combining images and text to produce an attractive layout and design to effectively communicate a message. Common publications include brochures, postcards, newsletters, flyers, and posters. Many school …

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Planning to Teach an Environmental Technology Project

Over the next few months, I am going to be teaching TechnoEnvironment as a guest instructor to a group of Grade 8 students at a local private faith-based school. TechnoEnvironment is a new TechnoKids technology project that focuses on environmental stewardship. After each class, I will take a moment to reflect on the experience. I …

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