Data Management

Data management is a system for collecting and analyzing data to make informed decisions. It typically applies software tools to analyze the information such as Microsoft Excel, Forms, or Access; as well as Google Sheets or Forms. Teachers can introduce this concept to children to help them develop problem solving skills.

pick your own ending story

Pick Your Own Ending Story

Do you want a unique creative writing activity? Do you have reluctant writers who need inspiration? Do you need to integrate technology with language arts? Forms is the answer! Whether you’re using Microsoft Forms or Google Forms, writing a pick your own ending story is a fun lesson that combines computer skills and the writing …

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google forms lessons

Google Forms Lessons – TechnoQuestionnaire

Christa’s Top TechnoKids Pick It was my turn to choose a favorite TechnoKids technology project this month. After lots of waffling, I finally settled on TechnoQuestionnaire, a technology project with Google Forms lessons ideal for Grades 6-12. It was very difficult for me to pick only one. I love each technology project that TechnoKids publishes …

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google forms quiz ideas

Ideas for Using Google Forms Quizzes

Integrate Google Forms Quizzes into Learning Did you know you can create quizzes using Google Forms that automatically calculate a score and report results? You can! Aside from making your own quizzes to test student knowledge, you can have students build their own trivia quizzes. Google Forms Quizzes is a feature that transforms any form …

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question bias

Eliminate Question Bias with the Help of Google Forms

A researcher needs to be objective. They cannot create a survey questionnaire that is designed to give a particular result. Instead, they must avoid question bias. Question bias is when a question leads a person to pick a particular answer. Leading questions can make survey results inaccurate. Here are 5 basic guidelines on how to …

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