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8 Free Sound Libraries for Schools

Looking for music or sound effects to enhance a digital project? Here are some sites offering free downloads that are legal for use in any educational, non-commercial application. Caution: Some sound collections may contain sounds inappropriate for school use. Discuss with students before using these libraries to confirm their understanding of suitable content. SoundBible comprehensive […]

Cyberbullying – Teach Awareness and Responses

As educators, we strive to promote a climate of respect. Bullying behavior is evident on the playground, but it is more difficult to detect and respond to when it takes place online. In addition, students need to recognize cyberbullying. They need to know when the line is crossed and a joke or teasing has gone […]

10 Tips for Using E-Cards in the Classroom

Have your students sent and received online greeting cards? Here are some tips to make finding, sending, and receiving e-Cards in the classroom a fun, easy, and worthwhile activity. Try Different Web Browsers: Some e-Cards need the Flash program to show the message. If your web browser will not play Flash animation, try another web […]

Stop Copyright Violations when Teachers Share Files

Do you provide instruction or share resources with your students using the Internet? This is okay if you created the materials. However, if the content is from another source you may be violating copyright. Do not put your career or the school district at risk! What are the Risks When Sharing Files? Today it is […]